Saturday, November 7, 2009

White Album - Episode 15

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The things you can't find will destroy what's around you.
Because they're not there, there's nothing that can be done.

~ If there's someone who needs to be hated...its Touya! Promise!!!~

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If at the first season, I find myself understanding Touya because I still kinda pity him...I am taking it all back in this new season. I hate his attitude right now and I don't get it why he still needs to hang out with Yayoi even if Yuki was given a long break from her singing.

Eiji gave Yuki long breaks and Yuki, as vulnerable and shallow as she is, is worried that she didn't perform really well that's why she is given a lot of breaks. But Eiji cleared this up and even made her much happier. Yuki got to spend time with Touya and visited his father at the hospital. They even got intimate moments at the rooftoop as they hugged just like the way they are doing before. I hate Touya's reaction here. He doesn't seem to be interested or he didn't looked like he savored that moment with Yuki. When they reunited the second time, they kissed but Touya looks weird and he his facial expression is again a big blah. =|

As for the painting that Eiji won from the competition, it was revealed that the painting was from his mother. If I get it right, he is the young man seen in some parts as Eiji further narrates that he plays his guitar with tears rushing from his eyes everytime he sees the picture.

Meanwhile, Misaki and Akira tried to advance their relationship further but didn't continue with respect to Touya's father who is in the same household.

Here's my favorite. Eiji saw Yayoi and Touya met up in front of Echoes. What could this scene imply? I wanna know SOON. Personally, I want Eiji to spill the beans to Yuki since Touya is now losing his interest with Yuki. Yuki deserves a more responsible person.

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