Friday, November 6, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 29

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Episode 29: Fool's Struggle

~ I am loving Greed's return more. He really is LOVE~

I am so amazed at Ling. As in! I know he won't be really taken over by Greed since he also has a strong personality but Greed also has a very strong personality. I love how the two of them are combined in one personality. Greed + Ling is indeed the perfect combination! The Greed-Ling is soooo cool and the original Greed is no match for his new form. I got to salute Greed for he chose the right person to partner with.

As for Ed, he is already becoming more and more mature. He has also grown a little taller, I think and I am loving his new costumes. He looks more serious right now and he has become a real brother to me. His determination strengthens as the days pass by and as he also learn about the clues so that he and Al can get their bodies back. I know the manga is still on the works but I really believe that someday, the two of them can get their bodies back.

Roy on the other hand is on a big, big pinch! But I still love him!!!!! Even if he confronts his enemy head-on, he still looks as cool as ever. He still has respect for his Fuhrer, even if he knows that he is a homonculus. He still calls him Sir. I know he is in a very pressing and tight situation but I can feel his coolness. My spoiler knowledge about him makes me go so excited.

Lan Fan is going to get her automail hands! That is very predictable since she lost her arm and in th FMA world, loosing a limb would mean that you will get an automail. Soon enough, Lan Fan and Winry would meet and soon enough, Lan Fan would be back into action.

Dr. Marcoh has now faced Scar. Haay, I pity him. Scar's is not on a good mood. -_-

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