Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 15

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Episode 15: Isolated Pawn

~ If you wanna see a slapped Beato, then better watch this~

Eva's Gold

Just where the previous episode ended, we continue with Eva solving the epitaph and finding the gold. She got the headship to the family. Rosa was also able to solve the riddle but she was only minutes late. She congratulated her sister and accepted her defeat. But Rosa demanded her share as a consolation price since she also found her gold. Rosa only wanted 150 million yen by March and she will not ask for more. Eva also asked to keep this as a secret to everyone since she knew that she needs to convince the other siblings first before assuming her role as the head. In the end, Eva plans to share the fortune to everyone else.

The New Beatrice

After Eva found the gold, her alter ego doesn't agree of her intention to divide it amongst themselves. The current Beatrice shows up and congratulates her and acknowledges her as the new head of the family. Beato gave her the ring to represent the family's headship along with the title of the Endless Witch. The staff was given to her and so she transformed with her new costume. Eva is introduced to the witches Lambdadelta and Berkanstel. Lambdadelta signed young Eva's recommendation form to be a witch.

Maria and Rosa's death
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With the new Beatrice on the game, she is now the one who continues the killings so that she can have her full powers. Her first victims are Rosa and Maria who is in the garden because Maria is crying. She wanted to make sure that the rose Beato revived is still alive and okay. EvaBeatrice changed her appearance to the old Eva and appeared in front of the two.

EvaBeatrice's way of torture is by throwing giant jellies, giant cakes and giant sweets to kill endlessly Maria and Rosa. But Beato arrived and told them that she needs to be more elegant with her ways and told her to watch her do her thing. She kills Rosa and Maria plainly as EvaBeatrice thought it is. Rosa was dropped to a fence pole with her head and Maria died as if she is choked.

Beato summoned everyone and told them that future killings should be elegant and with class.

Slapped Beato
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Beato was slapped by Battler after having fun with the torture Rosa and Maria is experiencing in the hands of EvaBeatrice. Battler points out that she cannot consider Beato as someone fitting to be his opponent, someone who doesn't know the value and importance of life. Battler further asserts that he thought Beatrice was sometimes a little fun but after this event, he considered it as a mistake that he thought that way. He doesn't want to see Beato's face ever again.

This action by Battler made her think of her previous behavior and from then on, she looks somewhat reflective. She somehow becomes a good witch, trying to prove herself to Battler.

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