Thursday, November 12, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 16

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Episode 16: Queening Square

~ Beato looks so cute when she is tame and sweet~

Revealed truths:
  • Rosa and Maria were murdered.

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Victims of this episode:
  • Kirie
  • Rudolf
  • Hideyoshi
They were killed by EvaBeatrice through her new furniture, Siesta 410 and 45. She requested for new furnitures as she cannot make use of the Seven Stakes of Furniture. She calls them second hand and didn't want their way of killing. Kirie and Rudolf proved to be better to the Purgatory sisters and that pissed EvaBeatrice. She cannot comprehend why the two purgatory girls got hit and couldn't finish mere and puny humans.

Kirie's Jealousy

The reason why Kirie got away from Envy because of her envy to Rudolf's first wife, Asumu. It turns out, the first wipe snagged Rudolf away from her and they even had a kid in the person of Battler. Envy is babbling about being jealous for days but she is no match for Kirie's jealousy for 18 long years. After Asumu died, that when she got her chance to get back together to Rudolf.

EvaBeatrice's Broken Promise

EvaBeatrice promised Eva that she will spare her family from the killings that she will made. But while Kirie, Rudolf and Hideyoshi went out to get some food, Hideyoshi got the young Eva and tries to slap her senses back. But this Eva is now EvaBeatrice who feels nothing special for him killed him by shooting him with a gun.

Battler and Beato

Battler is still angry with Beato and didn't want to see her. The game is being continue through Ronove.

Virgilia talked to Beato that convinced her to go back and asked for forgiveness from Battler. Virgilia further points out that this is a game where Beato wants someone to recognize her as a witch and so she has this game happen. With this, Virgilia advices her students that she can slowly change until Battler recognizes her again especially that Battler is still willing to continue proving the case without invoking any magic.

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