Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 14

Episode 14: The White Spirit

A short and little field trip with Arawn to his underground tomb!

Even though there are no fight scenes in this episode, this has become one of my favorite episodes in the series because of how light the episode is, yet it is able to hint potential conflicts and problems and plot twists that our characters will be dealing with in the next episodes to come. It seems that the past would again be playing an important role in the present time and I am excited to see how each of them will deal with this problem.

Murals in Arawn's grave

So much for my general comments and onto an episode-centric post. I would like to call this episode a field trip for the characters as they visited Arawn's grave. Initially I thought that it's only a small tomb but surprisingly it's a very big place - something that fits royalty like Arawn. Though it was already destroyed by the Imperial Army when they dug Arawn out of the grave, still the place gives hint of its elegance and grandness. One of its interesting part is that the main entrance will only be opened by the person buried inside and the password is a simple "Open Sesame". Hahaha. Who would have thought?


Inside the tomb are guardians who make sure that the tomb is free from any outsiders. At the entrance are the the Talos and Ogre. They are there to protect the tomb from all kinds of dangers.
Looks like Riannon right????
This definitely looks like Arthur!!

One thing that has caught my attention is the flashback that Riannon saw. They resemble Riannon and Arthur right? This is the greatest proof that Arawn, Riannon and Arthur are really connected with each other no matter how much time has passed - may it be in the past or present, their lives are interconnected.
Gaius facing the Imperial Senate
Infuriated Gaius

As for Gauis, the Imperial Senate didn't approve his request for an increase of people. Apparently, a spy was sent by the Senate for them to know who the Demon King is. But I think Arawn knew that somebody is watching him and he drunk the whole night and goofed around. Because of this, Gauis was mocked by the Imperial Army. But I admired Gaius' wits as he has a back up plan in mind.

But what's the best among the best in this's Arawn!! Yeah, he looks so hot in this sulking mode.
Damn! He looks so hoooootttttttt! Why is it that I always have eyes for the Maou?? Hahaha!

And lastly, for complete episode summary, you visit reychop.exe's episode post. My usual thanks to reychop!


  1. Great post! Especially the screenshots! Hehehe, you got the perfect angle for Arawn's faces. That is complete love love! ^_^

    Anyway, your post is great, as well as your summarization of the episode. Though I would like to correct one of your statements. Gaius is facing the Imperial "Senate" not the almighty Imperial "Army".

    The senate is too incompetent, complacent and weak as compared to the army. They will be their own enemy as well as their pride.

    Anyway, I haven't really thought about the resemblance between Arthur and Riannon to the younger people that Riannon saw in her vision.

    Also, I didn't really thought that Arawn drunk on purpose. I thought that it was Gaius deluding himself. But your theory of Arawn framing Gaius is also possible.

    Ah, and one more thing, the episode title as shown in animax is "The Innocent Spirit" while yours is "The White Spirit" is it an error in translation? I can't read Kanji and only a few hiragana so I can't make out which is the correct one.

    Well, I'll be posting the next episode soon. Stay tuned for that! ^_^

  2. Yeah..the screen shots are all nice! He looks so damn hooooottttt :)

    Thanks for correcting me and my errors. Hahaha. I wouldn't know if your not there correcting me. Hahaha.

    I dunno but I got the impression that they looked alike. Oh well ^^;

    My idea of Arawn framing Gaius came from Gaius when he cursed Arawn. So I thought that what Arawn did was on purpose. But if he did it on purpose or not, I think he is successful in putting Gaius in a big pinch :)

    The subtitled episode has a title White Spirit. Dunno if it's a mistranslation or white. But I guess since white is suggests purity and/or innocence, it was used in the title :)

    I already have Tiara 15 so I will await your post :)

  3. Hahaha... I'm glad you took on my corrections (by the way, the caption on one of your screenshots still say "Gaius facing the Imperial Army")

    As for the drunken Arawn part, it wasn't focused in the story, so I think it will never be confirmed. But you're right, Gaius is really pushed to ask the Mayor for help (which by the way, is a very disgusting choice once you see Episode 15)

    And oh, speaking of that, I finished publishing the episode. It is not that organized though. I'll fix it when I can watch another reply tomorrow. (but the current version can stand on its own so you can read it and tell me if it's okay). Well, I got to go. See you soon! ^^

  4. Oh, I already changed the caption.

    I need to download 15 soon. I am already curious with who this Mayor is. Hahaha.

  5. Oh. Mayor Creon is the Mayor of Londinium. He was introduced when the group went to the Imperial Colosseum, I think it was Episode 7. He was actually the one who started the Match between Octavia and Bubulcus- the incompetent patrol division leader. Anyway, let me know if you have posted the 15th episode! ^_^

  6. Episode 16 now posted at

    More excitement and a fight scene! Avalon is burning, its walls are crumbling. Can Gaius ever be stopped? With the pillars, Arawn and Arthur, missing in action, how can the Gaels recover?

    Episode 16 is exciting and action-filled! Plus a drama and angst on Arthur's side! Hehehehe

  7. OMG. you already have 16. hahahaha. i have the torrent, will DL it soon.


    make do with 15 first :)


  8. Hehehe, I'll be waiting for your posts then. By the way, another schedule that I have just discovered. This is on Saturday night! It starts in maybe 4 or 5. However, the advantage to this is, it replays four episodes! Yup, the two episodes last week and the two episodes played earlier this noon. So, there really is no excuse to miss this one! Hehehe... if you're not busy that is. XD

  9. if i am at home, then that's a better way to kill time :D

  10. Hahahaha. Indeed. My laptop just broke and I am currently using my younger brother's pc. My time is only for an hour so it's really annoying if blogger decides to go slow.

    But yeah, it's a great way to pass the time, especially the time when you just sit on the bed, after the episode and contemplating on what will happen next, what lessons you learned from the episodes and what would you do if you were the director. (of course, that's what I usually do and the results could be bizzare) One example is how I changed Myrrdin and Arawn's relationship into an "abusive yaoi relationship" in my head and Arawn's obsession to follow Myrrdin wherever he may go. XD

  11. As for me, I do rewatches if i wanna verify what i have previously watched and use this as an opportunity for me to re-understand the story :D

    i've seen a little of episode 17 last night and I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH!

  12. I do that sometimes but I hate rechecking and editing my posts since blogger is acting up and I don't know if it's java or AJAX but the way blogger is set up is not rendered well in my younger brother's computer.

    So it's slow and sometimes, it even failed to load causing a long entry (most of the time it happened to comments) getting lost because I wasn't able to recover it after the "server reset" or "timeout" message..

    Anyway, how is episode 16 coming along? ^_^

  13. just finished downloading!!!!!!!!! wanna watch :)

  14. I'll look for your post then! Have fun watching! Hehehe.I'm sure it's worth the wait... ^_^