Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 7

Youkosou Rathty!

We welcome another fairy in the gang, Rathty. He's a mini fairy and specializes on iron and metal things. I wonder how many more will fairy will appear as the series progress. I think Tiara will have 20+ episode and so imagine the number of possible characters that could appear from time to time.
It's still not clear to me that after watching seven episodes of Tiara, I am not yet sure on how the story will move on. What's the real plan of Arawn or the mystery behind is resurrection and further development of the other major characters are not yet fully emphasized. Well, they might not be rushing things since it's still a long way to go. Well we get to see a little about Morgan. She is searching for a red branch which was not fully explained in the episode. Maybe in the future.
Finally, next episode is what I am after! Action and magic next episode! Can't wait to get the subs. :D


  1. Hello! I am just getting addicted to this show and I do agree. Elves are cute. First Limwris and Ermin and now, Rathty! He is so cute- plus his strength and skills and he's the best elf so far...

    Anyway, I have the full summary of this episode in my blog: Here's the link
    and the article: if you're interested.

    Happy watching! ^_^

  2. @reychop.exe

    thanks for the summary links :)
    yeah..rathty looks cool. he is the best for me, so far! :D

    wanna exchange links?

  3. hey xtine06, I have learned from a friend (also an addict of tears to tiara) that Rathty is actually a girl. I'm actually correcting my future posts. She even guided me to a wikipedia page to persuade me and boy, was I embarrassed. By the way, thanks for linking! ^_^

    Also, I am now at Episode 10 for this anime. If you like, you can post my summary. Last question, from where do you watch your tearstotiara? I don't have a camera so I can't find screenshots for each episode. So, the only thing could be an online streaming. But, I don't see any sources? I mean, I saw a few sites but I don't seem to trust them since Tears to Tiara is quite new and it would seem impossible to actually acquire an avi for the anime?

  4. And sure, links are cool! Do you have a banner that I could use?

  5. Ahh... and I forgot again, I watched the anime from Animax which originally shows it every Monday but it's 12: midnight so I'm watching it on Saturday replays which explains why I'm a bit late on updating...

    [I Would edit my posts instead of posting new one for each correction but I don't know how. Hopefully, you'll understand why I posted a lot of comments while it only refers to one idea]

  6. @reychop.exe

    i download subs via torrent and i also watch from animax. that's where i get my screenshots.

    and rathty is a girl? really? i am actually not sure on the gender so i used he as a generic pronoun but since it seems that she is a girl. hahaha. i would love to edit all of my posts but it's very hard. hahaha. but from now on, if i refer to rathty, i will use she :) thanks for sharing info :D

  7. Torrents are slow on me (32 kilobytes at max) so that won't do... Animax is my only choice. At least they have two replays (Saturday noon and Sunday morning) and another replay on Tuesday noon (isn't that wonderful?)

    As for Rathty, I think it will be revealed sooner because the subtitles are still referring to him as a he. So I'm guessing it will be a part of the story when they will reveal his "true" gender... err... her... I mean. Grrr. XD

  8. oh that is why. good thing animax shows tiara. thanks for mentioning the schedule. i will note that so that when i need to watch them, i can watch at animax.

    subs will definitely change when the clarification regarding the gender will be made. as of now..rathty is still a he even if he's a she. hahaha. kinda confusing x_X

  9. The schedule is memorized by heart! Hahaha. The only thing that I wasn't able to watch is on Tuesday (but I can get a glimpse of it while taking lunch when school is out early- teacher's meetings, special events, etc.).

    Anyway, one more thing that I wasn't able to mention is the original airing which is on Sunday: 12:05 a.m or was it 12:35? It is supposed to be the airing and the claimed "Watch it same time as Japan" but I wasn't able to test that because well, I am a student. Tomorrow will be Monday so I can't afford watching on Sunday. What's more, it's more than 10 pm! My limit. Grr...

    Anyway, the subs about the gender is, although confusing and inaccurate, is not at fault. When I was reading online tutorials on Japanese language, I rea somewhere that the language do not emphasize in gender distinction so the only way one can know the gender of an anime character is true the dress coding, appearance and the way they act.

    But sometimes, that can even be confusing because of the existence of the known "bishonen" one that looks both gender. Add the "girl-ish" voice used in some male character and sometimes, they even used female dubbers, it will even confuse the issue of gender distinction.

  10. some corrections (argh. I do hate these mispellings and lousy typing)

    read instead of "rea"
    through instead of "true"
    bishounen instead of "bishonen"

  11. i think it's 12:35. haven't tested it yet since i get to watch the animax first run of the episode @ my room. my laptop's not in there because i don't have wireless router.
    i can't watch it on a sunday too...back to work on monday and need to wake up early. so i need to satisfy myself with the replays.
    i will c
    heck in the future subs if rathty's correct gender will be used.'s kinda confusing :)

  12. Well, replays are not that bad, considering the fact that you are only 1 week behind, I think it's not that bad at all.

    As for Rathty's gender, maybe I'll have to switch back to he? Some readers might get confused. Or maybe I should retain the she... It is much easier... Hehehe...

    Then when the true gender reveals and ours are wrong, I could simply apologize. Hehehe. I mean, it's not my fault his/her gender is not easy to recognize. :D

  13. i am more comfortable with rathty being a he 'cause he sounds like a he. Hahaha. we can do a big apology post later on if the gender is really wrong. hahaha.

  14. Hmmm, maybe I'll revert back to "he" too. Rathty is too "boyish" for me. The solution you presented is actually convenient. Hehehe.

    On the other hand, I just found out there'a nother replay on Saturday morning which starts on 7:00 am.

  15. Oh. Thanks for the update on the schedule.

    As for now, I will be addressing Rathty as a he until someone corrects me for real :)

  16. You're welcome.

    As for Rathty's gender, your solution is always good. I might add a character section on my blog sooner so I can place any explanation there...