Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 7

Faldio...Faldio...Faldio.... :)

O my God, this is going to be a Faldio-centric post. I am becoming more and more in love with Faldio in every episode of Valkyria Chronicles! Anyway, as usual, Faldio is still cute as ever. Hahaha. He really never fails to amuse me. Well, for this episode, I get to see that Faldio is an intelligent guy, engaging in healthy debates with Welkin about the Darcsen Incident that happened many years ago. If ever I get to meet Faldio, I would definitely enjoy listening to his thoughts and ideas and would not get bored.
One more thing about Faldio, remember the preview last episode where someone hugged Alicia? Well, it was really Faldio!!!! Gosh, I am really squeeing to the max when I saw that scene.
So moving on from Faldio.....
If you haven't noticed it yet, Maxmilian's voice is similar to Zero's voice! It's because his seiyuu is Jun Fukuyama! Great, great, great!
And there's another pair that I wanna follow, its the Ramal x Isara pair!!!!
Next episode preview shows more Faldio and Alicia moments. Weeeee..... *___*

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