Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hypers

The Anime Addict

Yo minna! My name's xtine..yoroshiku! :) The only thing that I particularly want to say about myself is how much I love the color PINK! Anyway, I love music and I listen to Jpop songs most of the time. I also love watching anime and reading some manga series. I am also a movie goer and sometimes when my mood fits, I love reading books.

Name: xtine06
Birthday: May 5
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The Manga Maniac

Yo! The name's Sapphire Pyro. People call me Saphy or Sapphie-chan for short, but you can baptize me with a new one as long as it's close to my name! Haha!
Anyway, I love watching (anime, movies, tv series, plays, musicals), reading (manga, comics, graphic novels, novels), and listening (songs, instrumentals, radio drama). I am also into blogging (obviously) and drawing (most look like crap though). I am a fan of almost all genres and I also appreciate media in any language.
I adore almost all animals and insects, even imaginary or fictional ones. My favorites include butterflies and unicorns, especially if they're BLUE.

Name: Sapphire Pyro
Birthday: September 10
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The JMusic and JDrama Fanatic

(xtine06's imouto)
みんな元気? ribbon oh! btw, i'm pinky_fairy10. you can call me pinky or whatever name you want to call me. I love jdramas and some anime as well. I'm addicted to Johnny's Talents because they have hypnotizing powers でしょう?typhooncherryblossom so expect lots of news about them oki? lightbulb Mostly, I listen to Jpop and aspiring to learn the japanese language. よろしくお願いします!

Name: pinky_fairy10
Birthday: April 4
Contact: livejournal account [http://pinky-fairy10.livejournal.com] ; email address [pinkcutielicious_fairy10@yahoo.com]
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The Collector and Game Master

おす! こんいちわみんあさん! My name is ninjovee~ and I will be serving all of your Game-related parfaits here in Hyper Parfait~! I'm a part-time student, gamer, cosplayer, daughter, relative, friend and a full-time slacker. LOL. I'm trying to get rid of the slacker job though OTL. LOL. As with all of the hypers; I too love anime and listen to Jpop. X3 Recently, I'm also aspiring to become a figure collector (although financially, it's kind of difficult) as well as learn to make my own costumes myself *flails*. I hope you will enjoy the parfaits that are served by yours truly. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~!

Name: Ninjovee
Birthday: December 10
Contact: Twitter [twitter[dot]com[slash]ninjovee]; Plurk [plurk[dot]com[slash]ninjovee]; Email [lim[dot]jovelyn[at]hotmail[dot]com]
Sites: Sites: Livejournal; Deviant Art; Tangering Tango
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Ja, enjoy reading our entries and as always, comments are always love! Don't be shy to post on our chatbox too.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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