Monday, May 4, 2009

Cross Game - Episode 4

Secret Weapon!

So Cross Game has a little tantei type of plot too. If Conan could use football, then Kitamura can use baseball. Anyway, this episode proved that Kitamura and Aoba has supreme eyesight that can see a robbery in a split second. Thanks to that super clear eyes, a robbery was stopped.
Anyway, in the next episodes, I would want to have clearer understanding of the relationship between Aoba and Kitamura. There seems to be something going on between them. And Kitamura's career is stil about to start. I think the baseball team captain has his own plans for Kitamura and I am excited to see what will happen soon. He would go to as far as secretly training Kitamura and make him their secret weapon. In no time, Kitamura can be the best player in high school baseball. I look forward to an intensive baseball game with his him as the pitcher.
Anyway, next episode seems to be more of Aoba and Kitamura as they take care of a sick Momiji.

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