Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 4

Kyou Kara Maou + Hakushaku to Yousei + Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles = Tears to Tiara Tears to Tiara has fairies too. I kept on remembering Hakushaku to Yousei throughout the whole episode. Instead of me focusing on the story, I kept on thinking about Edgar and Lydia who are so concerned with fairies. And the fairies of tiara have circles that resemble to the circles being used by Fai and Yuuko of Tsubasa.
Anyway, I know that Arawn is not really the bishounen type but I like him. He is so manly and cool. Not to mention that he is the Maou. He brings back memories of Yuuri and Wolfram and everybody else in Shin Makoku. He has a really big castle that's protected by fairies and would only come to life at his command. That is really really really c00000l.
Episode wise, there is no action in episode 4 and I think it focused more on story and character development. It is not really that boring since I enjoyed it spotting some similarities of Tears to Tiara with other animes.
I guess next episode would show some action and fight scenes since there seems to be a pending attack that our heroes would face.

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