Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kuroshitsuji 2 Spoilers

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Before I'm gonna post about Kuroshitsuji's episode 7, which I might post tonight or tomorrow morning, I'm gonna post first about some delicious information from an interview of Daisuke Ono (Sebastian) and Takahiro Sakurai (Claude) for a magazine.

Credits to nayama who posted the translations at bleachasylum forum. 

Btw, there's a spider near me as I do this post. For the third time this month, I have been seeing the presence of spiders. Claude may be spying on me...HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry Claude, I love Sebby more ♥ LOL.

But because of the spider on my wall right now, I am sharing you a very nice scan of Alois and Claude. 

Daisuke Ono
(Sebastian Michaelis)

---Now that you are voicing Sebastian for the second time, is there any change you noticed in him?
He developed an emotion. An emotion called "jealousy".
It's like a small crack in his perfection. As his voice actor, I'm actually happy (LOL).

---What is your impression of the master/butler pair of the Trancy house, Claude and Alois?
A butler so perfect that it's beyond perfect, and a master so extreme that it's beyond extreme. I just find both of them "cool".

---Tell us about the highlights of the second half of "Kuroshitsuji II".
Ciel recovers his memories and Sebastian has his master stolen. When will their souls be able to get back together again? Or will this happen with Claude? Or with someone else?
Please look forward to it!

Takahiro Sakurai
(Claude Faustus)

---The second season has finally reached the turning point. Looking back, what are your thoughts about it?
My mental condition doesn't allow me to have thoughts yet. I have the feeling that the story didn't just "reach" the turning point, it was forced to do so.

---What are your impressions of Claude after voicing him?
I can't let my guard down. I think he's a cool freak.

---Tell us about the highlights of the second half of "Kuroshitsuji II".
Who will end up how, and with who? I suggest that you keep your eyes fixed on the screen until the end!

Two notes:

1) Sakurai says "kakkoii hentai", but please keep in mind that even though "hentai" is commonly connected to perverts/porn, the word itself also means "weirdo/freak" in Japanese. I highly doubt he meant it as "pervert", lol. (Also because in other interviews I read Sakurai already said that Claude is a freak, so it wouldn't be the first time).
2) When he says that the story was "forced" to reach the turning point, I believe he means that the way it developed made it inevitable, so that it didn't happen "just because", it was unavoidable.

My Comments:

If you have been reading my previous posts, you probably should have known that I am a very strong SebbyCiel fan, and Sebastian's JEALOUSY really intrigues me! Though I do not like Sebastian's lying to Ciel just for his personal satisfaction (which by the way Yana already explained in her blog post that demons are really demons with selfish characteristics), if this is just a product of his jealousy, then I can accept the lying. Hahaha. 

Certainly, Daisuke Ono has already informed everyone that Ciel's memories will return and Ciel will once again be stolen from Sebby, which I think is pretty predictable because after all, it's the plot of the whole season and so, Ciel remembering and being stolen is kinda expected. But the next question is, will Claude get Ciel or will Sebby prevail? I am intrigued with Or with someone else? mentioned by Daisuke Ono...I wonder who will be this someone else? But honestly, I am fully supporting Sebby all the way!! Woooohhhh. ♥♥♥♥

The more spoilers about Kuroshitsuji 2 comes out, the more that I get confused. More spoilers also give more more questions, which really psychs up my excitement to watch this anime every week.

Now, look forward for Episode 7 post. I am redownloading the episode. So wait for it in a while. =)


  1. I was hoping for Ciel to regain his memories! What an intriguing twist. I'm watching Episode 7 now, so hopefully I'll get to read your review when I wake up tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday, eh? ;D) Wonderful, keep posting<3

  2. @Jake

    As a special treat for you, KuroII episode 7 will be posted tonight ♥

    Thanks for always following my Kuroshitsuji posts :)

  3. you know what i just thought? i'd be so freaked out if claude would become his "demon form" and just become a disgusting giant spider monster. it would be so kuro-untypical that i'd be awesome.

  4. @Break

    I hate spiders (all other insects) so that will be so disgusting. I don't know if I can make an exception for Claude -_-

  5. well, i was just thinking.. imagine how he would transform. would look awesome creepy if they´d let one part after another become spider, like if there was a spider body inside his "human" body that'd break out. kinda like that would bring a bit more horror into the second season~
    but its unlikely..
    did you know that some spider s do a kind-of tapdance when they wanna mate? that would explain claude tapdancing in ep1, but why did he do it when noones there he could mate with? did he want to seduce the table or what?

  6. @Break
    WAAH. Well, the tap dancing could probably hint something like he is getting aroused or excited?

    And a spider inside Claude is really eeky.

    You're so full of information!! I like reading your comments, it opens up new perspective :)

  7. @xtine im happy to be able to help^^ and i like your parfaits.
    BTW could you help me a little how to do this "name/url" thig? giving the url of my email address in the url field doesnt work and it wold be easier not always have to post as an anon
    i wonder if humans can become demons. yust imagine alois dieng and coming back as a demon and takign revenge on claude! that would also be awesome.

  8. @Break
    I always look forward to your posts. It's so full of information :)

    URL is different from email address ^^ And if I remember correctly, the URL isn't required, so it's fine to enter your name only =)

    Oohh. ALois has A LOT OF REVENGE to give to Claude. LOTS.

  9. thankyou!
    did you notice that claude is like the incarnation of greed?

  10. @Break

    After watching episode 8, YES CLAUDE CAN BE GREED.
    So you liked Greed too?

  11. @xtine hm dunno, i was just thinking "what if there are a demonbutler for every deadly sin" and claude would be greed.
    since sebatsian is revenge he would be an exception...
    i didnt watch ep8 yet, didnt have time

  12. @Break

    OOh, you should watch. It's so full of ALois and revelation thing. I shall post about ep8 SOON.

    Hey, you can email me at :)

  13. @xtine okay, soon^^
    i wonder if timber, thompson and canterbury will have some bigger parts in the story?

  14. @Break

    I do think that they will still do a lot. It's just episode 8, so I expect to see more of them ;)