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Detective Conan - Chapter 735

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Chapter 735: Vengeful Spirit

Part 2 of 6. Four more! 

Chapter highlights:
  • Conan and Heiji have determined the helper Abukawa Funae, who was watching over the victim to be the culprit.
  • Heiji found it weird that someone with a bad back would have deliberately chosen books from such low shelves, which he couldn't remove books from without having to bend over. And out of all possible books, he chose the thick and heavy ones. If something had gone wrong, he may have ended up throwing out his back and not been able to commit suicide. 
  • Conan also finds it weird that the charcoal isn't hot, even if I hold it in my hand. If you burn charcoal in an airtight room, the oxygen in the air will be used up, causing incomplete combustion, and from the carbon monoxide is generated. If inhaled, carbon monoxide will introduce itself to the bloodstream, combine with the hemoglobin, and lead to suffocation and death. In short, you want to say that when the oxygen was finally used up, the flame on the charcoal went out. 
  • Well, if he had failed, it would've been painful and there would be serious after-effects. It was about 30 minutes ago that Shinichi was sleeping in his room, if he then sealed the door and window, it'd take him more than 10 minutes. If he were doing it slowly because of of his back pain, it woud take even longer. 
  • Furthermore, filling the room with carbon monoxide using just a single charcoal brazier would take quite some time, so the remaining time isn't sufficient. And even if the fire went out, it should still retain some heat. In other words, as Conan pointed out that it's been quite a while since the charcoal's fire went out.
  • That means that it was just ordinary charcoal placed there and it wasn't lit, so someone else could have been in the room to seal the door and window with sticky tape.
  • Abukawa has also been in the room the whole time, silently hidden in the space between the bookshelf and the door. She just sneaked out to the doorway when Conan and Heiji rushed to rip the sealed tape to ventilate the room. 
  • It was also Abukawa who raised the temperature of the room in order to make it harder for the body temperature to drop but since the vicitim's jaw has already begun to stiffen, over an hour's passed since his death and his back was showing slight postmortem lividity a, proof that Abukawa laid Shinichi on his bed to make it appear as if he was sleeping.
  • So as far as evidence goes, Abukawa's fingerprints are on the sticky tape. 
  • But...Abukawa is a bit shocked to know that Heiji and Conan are detectives, different from what was told to her. Someone told her to do the trick and when she came inside the house Shinichi was already dead.
  • Every afternoon, she goes to the house. But since after ringing the doorbell and there was no answer, Abukawa has no choice but to enter using the spare keys given to her and he noticed the phone ringing.
  • She picked up and heared an errie voice that sounded as if it had been modified by a machine. The voice told her that they had shut Shinichi up inside his wardrobe and if she wanted to save him, she had better hurry. 
  • When Abukawa arrived in Shinichi's room, the wardrobe had indeed been sealed up with sticky tape and a bar had been shoved through the handles, so it couldn't be opened from the inside. 
  • Abukawa removed it and opened the doors and she found the dead, Shinchi. 
  • Heiji said that the doors are sticky and Conan says that Shinichi was drugged and then killed him by locking him up with the charcoal brazier. 
  • Abukawa didn't notify the police because the mysterious caller threaten her that his son will meet the same fate. The person knew that Abukawa often got into arguments with Shinichi and said that camouflaging it as a suicide would be to her benefit as well.
  • Abukawa and Shinichi often fight over the meals she made and she often voiced her complaints to her coworkers. 
  • To check on her alibi, Heiji phoned the supermarket and it is positive. 
  • Abukawa says that the caller identied himself as a vengeful spirit. At that same time, Megure and the police arrived. 
  • Another connection with Demon Dog. The murdered man was an adopted son of the Inubushi family and it seems he's recently been worried that a bad person had mixed in the family with the intention of exterminating everyone through the cursed demon dog.
  • Abukawa also informs the police that when she found the dead Shinichi, he was wearing a business suit and nectie, which bothered Conan and Heiji.
  • It was also noted that the ornament attached to his necktie pin was removed. 
  • The police brings the dead Shinichi to the stretcher and a pearl fell from his mouth. 
  • Conan then says to the police to immediately investigate the necktie pin because if the dead man's saliva is on it, then this pearl could be a dying message. 

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