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Detective Conan - Chapter 734

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Chapter 734: Demon Dog

This is just Part 1 of a 6-part manga story arc. From here onwards, I will try to catch up with the remaining chapters. I intend to finish all 6 chapters by next week.

Chapter highlights:
  • A new case! As Kogorou and the others focus on the TV, watching about demon dogs. But I guess you won't get excited watching about them when Conan is with you.
  • He says that according to Holmes' explanation,  the film makers just painted the dog's body with phosphorus to make it glow to give a horrifying effect.
  • Then visitors arrive....its Heiji and Kazuha with an invitation about demon dogs.
  • About 5 years ago, a super rich guy by the name of Inubushi Tsunechika died. He is the president of the Inubushi Group and he died because of terminal cancer. But that president, it seems that when he was really young, he was really active and played around with a lot of woman. When he died, a his children woman came to his house.
  • The illegitimate children came with carrying a picture of their mother with the present.
  • The president's legal wife, Satomi accepted all illegitimate children and accepted htem all as her adopted children. Satomi is now struck with illness and the huge inheritance the wife received from the president was to be divided amongst the 8 adopted children but two of them havee died in strange ways.
  • It seems that the adopted child who fell from a clip before he died was that a demon-like beast with a body engulfed in flames that grew in size as it attacked pushed him from the cliff.
  • Kogoro says that it might just be a doll made from vinyl bags and set on fire that was chasing after them, but Heiji says that the person fled from the dog for upwards of a kilometer, a good distance to realize that if it is just a doll or not.
  • For this reason that Heiji got involved in the case especially that one of the adopted children is an acquaintance of Kazuha's mother. Kazuha says that her classmate says that the two who died were killed by curse.
  • The classmate said that among those 8 children, one of them is a fake who holds a grudge against the Inubushi family and, using a cursed beast, plans to exterminate all those with Inubushi blood.
  • Heiji haven't went to the Inubushi house yet since Kazuha's classmate left the house and change his name back to his mother's maiden name because of fear of being killed. The classmate now lives in Tokyo and Heiji invited everyone to come.
  • Right now, the classmate uses the name Kudo Shinichi. Conan and Heiji went to "Shinichi-san's" house the next day.
  • Shinichi lived in this house with his mother prior to becoming an adopted son of the Inubushi family. He sold the house when it seemed like his company was going bankrupt, but with the financial support of Inubushi's wife, he was able to survive and buy back the house.
  • And right now, Shinichi suffers from a back pain which hinders him from going to the company.
  • The helper, Abukawa Funae opens the door and informs of Shinichi having visitors, but he is sound asleep. Heiji notices that the room is too hot since he has a cold.
  • The helper says that he will wake up soon and that Heiji and Conan will just wait for him to wake up.
  • While waiting, Abukawa shared that Shinichi wants to die and be at peace and said that if he was going to be eaten by a demon dog, he may have seen that dog, then.
  • Abukawa says that she will be out for a while to buy groceries for dinner and asks Conan and Heiji to watch the house.
  • While manning the house, Heiji shares the names of the 8 adopted children: Shinichi, Takako, Saki, Tomoaki, Miwako, Yoshiya, Keiji and Miyuki. It seems that they were all named by Inubushi Tsunechika who died five years ago.
  • Then, an alarm sounds in the room of Shinichi. Heiji and Conan tries go inside but the door's been sealed with tape.
  • The two barged in to find that the window has been sealed too. In the middle of the room, an earthen charcoal brazier is found, which means that the victim died by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, or suicide by charcoal!
  • Heiji goes to the window to unseal the room but is having a hard time since it is really stuck on the wall, a contradicting thing to do for someone who have back problems. He even made a footstool using the books. Conan also notices something wrong with the charcoal brazier when the helper arrives.
  • Conan and Heiji instructed her not to come inside and begin their analysis. They arrived about 30 minutes ago, and the victim's jaws started to stiffen and his back is showing slight postmortem lividity. The footstool made from stack of books and the charcoal, the two reaches to a conclusion!
  • The culprit is: the helper, Abukawa.

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