Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kuroshitsuji 2 - Episode 7

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Episode 7: Killer Butler

I feel sad for Alois in the episode. Poor guy, caught in between Sebby and Claude's feud.
But more than that, I totally enjoyed watching this episode!!!!!!!!!! Especially the cooking showdown!!!!!
Go Sebby ♥♥♥


So after the ball in the previous episode, Ciel got invited once again by Alois through Claude at 4:00pm that day as an apology of what happened previously.

So here's the new revenge story that was crafted. I do not know if this is the result of Claude and Sebby's deal or if this is the preliminary investigation Sebastian did in Episode 3 during the combustion case. But I have a strong feeling that this information was based on Sebastian's initial investigation, not as a result of the deal.In any case, here is our new story:
Incidents take place in backstreet England that harm the Queen. Delivering them judgement in the darkness is the Phantomhive household, the Queen's Watchdog and obliterating them into the darkness is the Trancy household, the Queen's Spider. Both families have earned the Queen's trust as the "Evil Nobles", yet disapproving this was Alois Trancy. Intending to engross the Queen's favor all to himself, Alois spread the rumor the the Watchdog has been possessed by demons.  Just then, the last head of Phantomhive was investigating mysterious human combustion incidents. Alois spread the rumor that the incidents themselves were carried out by Phantomhive family and execute a purge on his own... under the pretext of exorcism.
Then Alois and his butler completely destroy the evidence. Based on research of Sebastian, at times erasing the past and at times reformulating it, the Spider was covering up its crime.
Then, a scene that shows Sebby and Ciel meeting up a man who admits that indeed, Alois ordered him to burn the Phantomhive household and sell the kid off. The man begged for his life but Ciel didn't hesitate to deliver the final blow that lead the man to his death.

In the ball between Trancy and Phantomhive, they will dance the Danse Macabre, or the Dance of Death. Sebastian happily looks forward to 4pm, the beginning of a death match with the Trancy household.

As Sebby and Ciel arrives at the Trancy household, they are welcomed by Alois and Claude. Once again, Sebby and Claude exchanged eye contacts as if looks could kill. Alois lead them to a very huge chess board, the main stage for today's dance.

Alois has prepared an ancient field of honor for dueling. Here are the rules of the game:
  • Instead of Ciel and Alois, the butlers will do the dance.
  • The one who can dance in the end, wins. The loser will follow the winner's orders no matter what.
And thus the masters gave their orders:
Ciel: I order you Sebastian. Win, and bring Alois Trancy here! I will give him the quietus with my very hands!
Sebastian: Yes, my Lord!
Alois: Make Ciel Phantomhive mine and deliver the greatest suffering to Sebastian Michaelis. Can you do it, right, Claude?
Claude: Yes, your Highness!
Claude's fighting style is so different with Sebastian who just relies on pure skills and a bunch of dinner knives.
BUT!!! Before the fight continues, Druitt arrives in the scene. He got the dates mixed up because he thought that today is the costume ball. Claude corrects him that this is just a private ball between Trancy and Phantomhive. He is so frustrated and about to go home when he saw Hannah, and describes with as a beautiful demon.
The countenance as clear as water's surface...along with the dark gray knife conjures up the image of Valhalla's female warrior! No, the suspicious and dark beauty hidden beneath the bandaged eye befits the name of a beautiful demon.
The description shocks the triplets and Claude but Sebby praises the Viscount for his discerning eye. So, do we get a confirmation here that Hannah is also a demon?

Anyway, Druitt decides to stay and watch the event as it happens.

The fight starts. Claude doesn't go to the front lines first. With him are the triplets and Hannah who fights under his command. The triplets go first and Claude tells them what to do. Sebastian easily faces the triplets and this part gives us a confirmation that the triplets are demons as their eyes glow when Sebby commented on how well they coordinate their moves.
As expected of your same faces, your moves are well coordinated. 
Anyway, Sebastian easily defeats the three by impaling them in their heads so that they are getting along even better. 

Next is Hannah's turn who damaged Sebby's clothes. However, Sebby values his clothes and decides to mend his clothes right away.
Sebby: Oh, I have to mend this right away
Hannah: There is no need. It will be full of bullet holes.
Hannah brings out a small gun and fires at Sebby, who is so busy mending the torn area of his jacket. HAHAHA. SEWING AT THE BATTLE SCENE? Oh Sebby, you're really a HELL of a butler.

Just a Sebastian finishes his mending, Hannah uses an artillery gun and fires continuously at Sebastian. Sebastian just dances around to evade Hannah's attacks and says that he will counter attack with the same number of bullets fired at him, using a BUNCH OF DINNER KNIVES!
Let me even it out with the same number of bullets you used. 
Sebby throws at Hannah A BUNCH OF DINNER KNIVES that effectively nails her down. Sebby is about to attack more, when....

Claude butt in.
Claude: Hold it. Its tea time.
Sebatian: Oh, it's this late already.
Claude: I must start making snacks for my Master. It will be a short break.
Sebastian: Then, I will too. May I use your kitchen?
The two butlers are cooking their own stuff while Claude is doing is a little bit of thinking:
A valuable soul...A delectable soul...If a soul tastes any different, it is a soul that demons necessarily seeks. Ciel Phantomhive.
Then, Sebastian suddenly throws egg yolk at Claude's eyes. HAHAHAHAHA.
Sebastian: Oh, please excuse me. I was just concerned about you gazing at Young Master...as if examining the taste of his soul with your eyes. 
The two begins their egg yolk throwing thing. Sebby asserts that he will not let anyone touch Ciel, nor let Claude taste him.
 I will not let you touch Young Master's soul, let alone lick it. 
Claude gets agitated and their egg yolk throwing apparently formed a sculptor. Claude created a figure of a woman about to be devoured by a snake while Sebby created an image of the the same woman, who defeated the snake.

It's tea time. Alois gets a Puits D' Amour with Mariage Freres' Eros as tea. Alois has a special sevice as Claude spoon feeds him. Druitt loves the food and calls Claude as the Marco Polo of taste.

Sebastian serves Foret Noire and Special Keemun from Xing as tea. Druitt also loved the food and calls Sebastian as Vasco da Gama of taste. 

Because of the delicious foods he has eaten, Druitt can't help it and he has to go to the CR to poo.

The fight continues as it is now Claude's turn to face Sebastian. Sebastian invites Claude as he says Shall we dance, to which Claude agrees and gets inside Hannah's body (this is really eeewwww), the ancient demonic sword of perpetual darkness, Laevatein.

Claude gets the upper hand with the Laevatein in his possession, but Sebby didn't let that defeat him. Meanwhile, Alois goes near to Ciel and tells him about Claude's weapon. Ciel says that that made him quiver and then he invites Alois to show him around the manor.

The two goes on to their tour as Sebastian comments that it is not a good thing to do to leave their butlers while dancing. Claude says that Sebastian should focus his attention to the dance alone and then asks if Sebastian's demonic instincts has weakened.

Without Sebastian noticing, Claude has already sewn the Trancy spider's thread that can cut even through steel. Sebastian is really in HUGE trouble now.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Ciel challenges Alois to a sword-to-sword duel. (This is where Alois said...Oh, so we are not going to the restroom together. HAHAHAAlois agrees though he didn't know the rules are.

The duel starts and they are counting from 1-10, when Ciel turns around at the count of 5, but Alois has already his sword ready before 5, so both of them plans to cheat.

Now both the masters and the butlers have their own fights to face. Ciel and Alois is running around while Sebastian is evading Claude's attacks in the limited space that he has.

Claude is about to deliver the final blow when, they are both stopped as their sense the fight that is happening between their masters. Alois pushes Ciel to the ground and thinks that he finally got Ciel. Alois says that Sebastian will not consume his soul because his soul will be fed to the spiders all over the house. But Ciel disagrees, saying that his soul is not for spiders.
The soul of the Queen's Watchdog is not something those spiders can taste. They can surely try if they are prepared to have their legs bitten off.
Surely, Ciel still has self confidence despite he is about to be killed by Alois. Alois strikes the final blow but Ciel caught the sword and stabs Alois in the stomach.

Sebastian and Claude arrives in the scene. Alois cries because of the pain of being stabbed and asked for Claude's help. Claude is about to come, but is stopped when Ciel commanded Sebastian to not go near them since he hasn't killed Alois yet.
Ciel: Don't come, Sebastian! Until I kill this guy!
Sebastian: Understood.
Alois pleads to Ciel to spare him his life and that he is just only deceived by his demon.
Ciel: Die, Alois Trancy!
Alois: No I don't want to die. It hurts! Help me, Ciel!
Ciel: You are pathetic, Alois...after killing my parents and all!
Alois: You don't understand anything! You're being fooled by the demons around you.
Ciel: Demons?
Alois: My parents were murdered too. My precious family, the whole town, was burned to death. I lost all that's precious to me! You and I are the same. I won't bother you ever again, I'll apologize for everything!So...so...please spare my life!
Ciel: You have disgraced my dignity. Atone for your sin with your life!
Alois: Help me, Claude!
Centimeters before the sword hits Alois, Claude stops Ciel from stabbing. Ciel fights and slaps Claude for stopping him and Ciel's blood was smudged to his cheeks. Sebby runs to take Ciel away from Claude. Claude licks the dripping blood from his cheeks and suddenly, he went into a trans state, as if he has experience heaven.

Sebby says that the dance cannot be continued at this situation and tells Claude that they will now leave. However, Claude is still in his trans state and needs to be called again by Sebastian to snap out of it.  Claude agrees and says that it will just be continued soon.

Sebastian takes Ciel to leave but Ciel is still fighting his way.
Sebastian: Leaving as you please and getting injured as you please, you are one troublesome Young Master. Do you dislike dances that much?
Ciel: Put me down, Sebastian!
Sebastian: Oh, dear. You already lost so much blood, yet you can still struggle so much. We are at a ball today! Young Master, let's return home in a dance.
Claude looks as Ciel and Sebby goes home and says that indeed, Ciel's soul is something demons seek. Alois is already asking for his help but Claude didn't act and continues on thinking about Ciel's soul.
Claude: That is indeed the soul that demons necessarily seek.
Alois: Claude, what are you staring at? I just got stabbed in the stomach! Help me right away!
Claude: Although a demon lends him all the power through a contract, only a revenge accomplished with one's own hands holds meaning to him. He knows blood, death and darkness, yet the soul is pure, complete and absolutely white!
Alois: Claude?
Claude: *while licking some of other Ciel's blood* Turn night into day, pleasure into pain, and this encounter...into delight.
Alois: Houhe o Taraluna, Ron de Rotarel! Houhe o Taraluna, Ron de Rotarel! Houhe o Taraluna, Ron de.... *spits blood*
Alois: Oh, you look as if you have found some maggots swarming in a dung pile.
Alois then collapses.


  1. Ahhh! poor Alois! he's an asshole but everyone needs love! And not even his own demon butler can love him?! I'm 98% sure Alois is not dead but seeing Claude's reaction to Ciel's blood and how he reacted to Alois bleeding to death I don't think the contract's gonna go so well after this.


  2. I know right? Alois gets deprived from all the LOVE that he needs. I do not think Alois will be dead, this is SO EARLY. Probably, just a near death experience?

    I feel that Alois is already abandoned, even Claude is not that interested with him anymore :(


    im pissed at Claude after watching this episode! >:O and frankly Ciel, cant you let someone else win once? (especially someone as awsome as Alois!)

    ppffttt Alois better not die.. :'( he is my fave character after all!

  4. finally. i was wondering for so long just what weapon claude was holdinng in the op. now i finally know, though personnaly i wouldnt have made laevateinn, which is originally a sword of norse mythology belonging to firegiant surt, which should burn the world (except for the fairys forest) at ragnarok, i wouldnt have made this sword green and one-handed.
    also, much norse mythology this time? laevateinn, and sebatsians sculpture woman seems to wear an armor often shown on valkyrs..
    also, sebatsian holdig that much dinner knifes looks just like a steel fan.
    whyis there a cleavage from hannah when she is nailed up the wall by the knives, strange..
    wanna more of the triplets. srew claude.
    i kinda like hannah. the sword thing wqs strange but maybe its important for the story? idf not, well, just feeding another fetish and making up for all the guys-tomgues in the anime, so that male audience like me wont feel like beeing about to become gay^^
    wont claudes gloves get dirty by the drool on the sword? not worth calling that a butler~^^

  5. Thank you!

    For some reason I loved Alois this episode. I'm not Team Trancy, but he was so cute and happy! And then he got stabbed. Poo.

  6. @Scarlette
    I am not Alois lover but, I am kinda not agreeing with how Claude acted.

    I don't think ALois will die. It's too early :)

    Wow. you really know some ancient stuffsss. You could interpret some kuroshitsuji hints. You're really great ♥

    I am also questioning Hannah's cleavage too. Is she just showing off or what? I dunno when or how Hannah's clothes got destroyed.

    Yeah, screw Claude, Go Sebby! HAHAHA. *sorry for the fans*

    You're welcome :)
    I don't want to say I like, but I kinda feel for Alois in this episode. He didn't deserve such treatment, especially from Claude, the one and only person whom he can trust.

  7. I'm also wondering what's with the Hannah fanservice...no mean to be sexist or judgmental but how many boys watch this show? XD

  8. @NeiC well i do^^ and i think with the tons of fanservice for girls they seem to want to baance it out.. but they fail at it. seriously,they just dont really have experience with fanservice for boys.. or at leats fanservice i like. the way theyre doing it now its simply annoying.