Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: Release the Kyubi's Chakra!

Oh gosh, I am so behind this. I am so damn busy because it's grade making week. Hopefully I can catch up as the term comes to a close. :)

Chapter highlights:
  • Naruto heard his mother's dying words and has promised her that he will become a good child. He will eat healthy foods, sleep early, study for school, and all other things a mother would typically ask from her child.
  • Naruto says that his dream will be the next hokage, a hokage far greater than those who came before him and he will be way even cooler than his dad, the Yondaime.
  • Naruto returns to the real world, to where Yamato and Bee is waiting.
  • Naruto and Bee kinda understand each other....with all of the this and that that happened, Yamato cannot really follow them. HAHAHA.
  • Outside, Gai has known that Naruto went on a dangerous ttraining mission and demanded that he will be taken to Naruto because young people cannot go off on their own like that.
  • Back to Naruto, Naruto explains that the Kyubi's chakra are in a separate place inside him and he won't be always using it.
  • He demonstrates hi new ability by transforming into his new form. Yamato comments that he is filled with life force.
  • With Naruto in Kyuubi mode, he feels another presence and it was no other than Kisame, hidden inside the Samehada!
  • Naruto says that it's not a chakra, but a vague feeling of malice.
  • With no choice, Kisame shows himself and Bee wonders why he is still alive.
  • Kisame explains that the one Bee defeated is a bunshin, a special clode that could be controlled remotely.
  • Realizing that the odds are against him, with two hosts and a mokuton user, Kisame tries to escape through the door.
  • Bee asks how did he know how to open the door, Kisame simply answered that he came as a spy.
  • But before Kisame can make his exit, Naruto smashes Kisame to the wall, using a Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
  • However, Naruto is still not in full control of his new abilith that his wall was stucked and so Kisame escaped.
  • Bee runs after Kisame.
  • Guy is at the waterfall where Naruto fought against his inner self.
  • Guy sits and gets ready to face to true self as well, but suddenly Kisame dashes out from the waterfall and Guy thoughts that this weird bug is his true self and smashes Kisame with his Konoha Kaigansho (Konoha Rock Crusher).

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