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Detective Conan - Chapter 731-733

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Chapter 731: Ryoma
Chapter 732: Breakthrough
Chapter 733: The Cleaning

A KAITOU KID CHAPTER!!!!!!!! Waa, and a possible hint of Kaitou Kid's mom. =)

Chapter 731 highlights:
  • Jirokichi is setting up a Ryoma Sakamoto exhibition in his own museum, and Kaitou Kid sent in his advance notification to join the event.
  • Conan highly doubts that Kid will steal something that was owned by Ryoma but in fact there is one: the gun belt with a huge ruby embedded in the buckle. A famous appraiser certified the product to be genuine.
  • This time, Jirokichi didn't acquired the gun belt. The person putting on the exhibition and providing the belt as a centerpiece doesn't want to sell it. So as a last resort, Jirokichi offered his museum for the venue of the exhibition.
  • Kid has indeed given his notice but this time..he said: In a few days, I will be visiting the Ryoma exhibition with the purpose of returing three objects
  • The three stolen items are: letter written by Sakamoto Ryoma the night before his assassination addressed to his wife, Oryo, a sake cup from the Oumiya Inn stained with his blood from when he was assassinated and finally a pistol Ryoma had hidden in his pocket at the time, a Smith and Wesson Model I.
  • It seems that the organizer of the exhibition, Tarumi Shishihiko organized another exhibition twenty years ago, but there was a robbery. It was not Kid who stole those items but rather, the mysterious female thief, Showa era's amired woman of twenty faces, Phantom Lady!
  • Based on the note of Kid, the exact date and time of his arrival is still unknown and the police will not use any restrictive force because Kid's desire this time is to return something, not to steal.
  • On the day of the exhibit, a lot of people are interested to visit especially that Kid will be arriving.
  • The man behind the exhibition opened exhibitions before for Nobunaga, Yoshitsune and because of laxed security, something gets stolen each time.
  • Another reason why Jirokichi didn't get to buy the gun belt was because he still need to get his personal appraiser to determine its authenticity before buying.
  • Then Tarumi Shishihiko, the organizer and Hanamura Masanosuke, an appraiser appeared, asserting that the gun belt is authentic. According to Hanamura, based on the condition of the leather, it is from the same approximate time period. The ruby in the buckle is superb. Furthermore, Ryoma even drew an illustration of the belt in one his letters.
  • Aside from the gun belt, there are also other items which played an important role in Ryoma's life. Those items include: a huge vase where the child Ryoma placed hide and seek, other things like the statue of Buddha, a ball and a toy cup he wanted. Lastly is the hanging scroll that he wrote without thinking as he lamented the depravity of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
  • While there are no preparations for Kid's capture, Jirokichi dedicated a special place where Kid can drop his returned items.
  • Upto know, it is a mystery when will Kid come. Even Conan is not sure what Kid is waiting for.
  • The most favorite spot in the exhibit is Kid's spot so a man randomly threw a bottle in the middle, pulling a prank. Well, that prank gave away the information that the space is the only place where sensors are installed and that there are officers mixed with the visitors.
  • Then Kid's next announcment came: Tomorrow evening, as the building is closing at 8:00PM, I will bring the pistol along with the other items...In the name of the Bakumatsu Patriot Sakamoto Ryoma, I will once again clean up
  • After hearing this, Conan rushed out and realized that Kid is waiting for the rain. The reason why? Conan is still thinking about that.
Chapter 732 highlights:
  • Kid delivered a cleaning riddle. Conan shared to everyone his thoughts of Kid waiting for the rain before choosing his arrival time. Coincidentally, it's going to rain any moment now and forecast shows that tomorrow will rain as well.
  • Nakamori suggest of not allowing visitors to visit the exhibit so that Kid can easily be nabbed but unfortunately, the organizers didn't allow that. Guests should be allowed to enter as usual.
  • Conan then syas the only way to stop Kid. Since he will be returning the pistol tomorrow, they can install metal detecting gates similar to the ones at the airpoirts and chekc everyone. The metal detectors will be placed right in front of the Ryoma exhibition. This was all taken care of Jirokichi and financial capability.
  • A lot still came to join the exhibition. All entered through the metal detectors before entering the exhibit. The only thing between them are the restrooms.
  • Inside the restrooms, there are bars on the windows to prevent entrance from the outside. Bringing a pistol inside seems impossible.
  • A lot of people are looking forward for Kid's arrival even especially that it is only two hours away from his arrival time.
  • After Conan gets to know about Phantom Lady's participation as the previous thief of Sakamoto's items, Conan rushes to the restrooms.
  • In the restroom, Conan did a search about Phantom Lady from 20 years ago. She suddenly stopped her criminal activities afterwards and then returned back to steal for the last time, Ryoma's Pistol, a S&W model 1 1/2, first issue.
  • Conan is imagining its length then suddenly, Kaitou Kid showed him the pistol. Kid said that it even appeared in a letter written by Ryoma addressed to his elder sister on the 24th day of the 6th month in the 3rd Year of Keio.
  • Conan was so startled as to how he managed to get it. He even locked the door to Conan's cubicle to stop him from leaving.
  • Kid managed to came in by removing the lead from the inside grip, so he pass right through. IT also becomes quite light. Conan is a bit confused as to what he is saying.
  • Anyways, Kid reiterated that this time, Kid came to only return the stolen items, and warns Conan to stay away from his way.
  • But Conan won't do that right? He managed to get out of the cubicle and Kid has already flew away. Meanwhile, Conan gets to see the two organizers of the event talking about Kid.
  • They are worried that what if kid, gets caught by the police but later is assured that Kid will be caught and after he makes his escape, they can gain huge profits, and that they have everything worked out.
  • Conan also noted that Masanosuke, finger's was cut but he explained that he was appraising a Japanese sword that morning and accidentally cut her finger.
  • Conan is back with Ran and Sonoko and there are LOTS of people. And then, Sonoko notices a marking on her jacket, "Tetsu no Hitotsu" (A Single Iron) after someone knocked him into the gunbelt display case.
  • And then, Conan understood everything, even the reason why KId chose to wait for the rain to clean up his dirty exhibition.
Chapter 733 highlights:
  • Mere minutes before Kid's announced time, the police get ready and the crowd gets to many as well.
  • If Kid gets past the metal detectors, then that means that the pistol that he is carrying is a counterfeit, a fake. The organizers also checked the museum before opening to make sure that the gunbelt is secured.
  • Four more minutes before the scheduled time and the admission of the public is currently restricted since the inside is so jampacked! Ran and Sonoko are outside, and wanted to get inside but Conan warns them not to, if don't want to get wet.
  • In the midst of the many visitors, Kid showed up, standing on the belt case. The police gets ready to seize him but the crowd seems to have seen a celebrity.
  • Kid used flames to set off the fire sprinklers, thinking that this shower will make everything clear and this rain shall wash away the muddy waters .
  • The poof! He is once again gone and blended in the crowd. Nakamori ordered to go and detain the one who's wet, but since it's pouring down rain outside, nearly everyone are soaked.
  • And it appears that what Kid returned are all fake items and the gunbelt are also stolen. The anti-theft device was destroyed and then kid switch the gunbelt inside with a fake.
  • And then in the inscription plate, something's dripping. Someone stuck another plate with the same text written in water color over the original so that when it got wet, the writing underneath appeared.
  • The inscription says, The gunbelt was a complete fake from the beginning because they assumed it would be stolen and manufactured a large number of them.
  • Conan has also found the truth and also spotted Kaitou Kid. Conan further says that what was essential was that the stolen items appear on the news and be made known to the world then, a large number of forgeries are sold to wealthy Ryoma fans via a third party, telling them that they had stolen the items just a few days before.
  • The advantage to this is that, even if the buyers discover that the items are forgeries, nothing will happen since they were attempting to secretly purchase stolen goods, they can't take the matter to the court. That's also the reason why the Phantom Lady's crimes went unnoticed after she stole those three items.
  • Phantom Lady only targeted who bough the three items' forgeries, she then entrusted the mass of forgeries that she gathered to Kid, relying on him to expose the dirty deeds of those two for her. These crimes cannot be committed without the cooperation of the ones who know of the forgeries, in other words the exhibition organizer and the appraiser who certifies the forgeries as real.
  • What's more is that Kid placed the fake items on the police while not paying attention and leaving a note that says "Borrowed from Tarumi's Warehouse"
  • So in short, Tarumi broke the anti-theft device in advance to make it look like a robbery. Name plates are also placed on all of the items in the exhibition. In all of the items in the exhibition, Kid returned all of the fake Ryoma items and left notes explanining why they are all fake.
  • And if DNA test is conducted to the blood placed on each Ryoma cup, it will be clear who is really behind. Also, their warehouse will be searched so that a stronger evidence can be found.
  • As for Kid, he disguised as an ordinary middle aged guy. Conan found him by searching the crowd with someone with a disproportionately skinny lower body since he will be carrying a large number of items. He is pretending to be fat because he needed to many so carry so many concealed items. And of course, since he is in disguise, he isn't even sweating. So Conan stucked one his buttom transmitters on Kid's ankle and then his tracking glasses caught him.
  • But this time, Conan is letting Kid off for Ryoma's sake since Shinichi's mom was born in Tosa and acted the role of the maiden elder sister before and became very popular. Then Kid commented that he can relate, not being able to stand up to his mother (a possible hint that Phantom Lady is his mom?!?!).
  • Then Kid went away while Conan is wondering if Kaitou Kid's mom is Phantom Lady.
  • Well, the story of the Kaitou Kid and the Phantom Lady will be saved for another time.

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