Thursday, July 8, 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 13

My main realization in this episode: K-ON will be dull without Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi. The last half of the episode did some justice to the usual fun and crack of K-ON, so this is still good :)

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Asuza was basically left all alone in this episode because the seniors are at the library busy, studying for their exams. Life gets so boring for her, without the presence of everyone else. Asuza, in the whole episode has been dozing off from different delusional dreams and all of them reflect her loneliness without the K-ON gang.

1. Yui eating watermelon and soba, that caused her to have food poisoning.

2. Hitting the movies with Ui to watch a horror movie and seeing Mio, also watching the same horror movie. But as expected, Mio didn't last and froze while watching.

3. Taking up a job as a lottery assistant. Mugi came to play lotto and dreams of winning tissue packs. Asuza also played and won the the grand prize of a trip to Finland.

4. "Yakisoba slide" along with everyone at a resort. Asuza fell asleep while sunbathing because she is embarrassed to expose herself. Her tan lines are VERY WELL defined :)

Anyway, after their swimming, Asuza, Jun and Ui bumped into Yui and everyone else. Together, they went to the summer festival and spend sometime together. There, Asuza had the fun she wished with everyone present especially the crackness of Ritsu and Yui.

At home, Asuza realized her loneliness when everyone graduated, but brushed off her thoughts by saying that they will give their best in the school's cultural presentation.

And BTW, Jun has expressed her interest for joining K-ON next year if no members will join. Apparently, she is amused with the extravagant camp activities of the club. Hahahahahahaha.


  1. It wouldn't be K-ON! at all without the founding four! That be like Kuroshitsuji without Sebby and Ciel--- oh wait xD

  2. @Aorii.

    Yeah :)Nice comparison :))