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[H*P Rankings] Top Blogged Series

Forgive me guys, I am so, so, so into Usui right now. 
He has nothing to do about blogging, but I can't get enough of him!!

For about a year now, we have been blogging about different series. Time has moved pretty fast and we haven't noticed that we have finished a lot and we still have have lots of ongoing series right now.

Among all of the series we followed and are still following, here are our favorite blogged series for the past one year:

Just to avoid confusion, I will be presenting Sapphire Pyro's favorites first followed by my top choices. Each series will be arranged alphabetically and there will be a total of 12 series, 6 from Sapphy and 6 from me to correspond to the 12 letters of Hyper Parfait.

Sapphire Pyro's Top Picks:

1. Axis Powers Hetalia
I guess it's natural that the series that I enjoy blogging the most would be my number one series of all times~ The webmanga/manga is still better though, but the anime still provides entertainment that those mediums can't (the epic LOLz voicing, etc.). I love the anime series~
Anywayz, for a series with only 5 minutes each episode, my longest posts and the ones with the most screenshots are usually the Hetalia ones ^^; At my LJ I just fangurl over my favorite scenes, then here at H*P I started to provide bigger screenshots... but eventually stopped on that big screenshot thing because photobucket has the stupid bandwidth limit. I've been using different free image hosting services afterwards, moving from one to another as soon as the current one I'm using starts to suck.
And hhhmmm... with my time for fandom getting lesser and lesser.... the shorter my Hetalia posts have become. Before I even used to post previews, but recently it's impossible with my limited free time.
Nevertheless, I still can't stop posting episodic blogs on Hetalia.... because I just can't shut up about it xD Hahahaha! It's so much fun to talk about this series. Almost every scene there is already something to fangurl about, haha!

2. Durarara!!
I never missed a Baccano! episode and I don't think I'll be doing the same to its successor, which is also epic awesome~ The difference though is that I watched all raw episodes of Baccano (because subs don't get released early; fortunately it had not been the same with DRRR!!) but with DRRR!!.... only with the earlier ones.... subs come out fast anywayz. My internet isn't that decent ^^;
I'm very typative when it comes to DRRR!! to the point that I could make two separate posts wherein one focuses on certain characters while the other is about the episode in general. But *sigh* I can't do such anymore recently because of time issues ^^; I remember that I also used to do episode previews for this series before... but also stopped that because of... what else? Yeah, time issues again ^^;
Speaking of time, I usually post freakin' early in the weekend morning because I'm already awake much freakin' earlier because my downloads are faster during those ungodly hours. But if I ran out of time I post on later days... as long as it's before Friday, the time when the raw of the next episode will be available in my timezone.
I have a certain style in DRRR!! posts... okayz, I do that with other series at times, but only in DRRR!! I think that style has been consistent (style I'm talking about is that there's always a section/topic and ends with the next episode preview).
Anywayz, I really enjoy blogging this series because every episode never ceases to amaze and entertain me!

3. 07-Ghost
It's one of my top favorite series in ZeroSum magazine and I was already madly in love with it even before the anime aired. Naturally I was very excited to see it on screen~ It wasn't as good as I anticipated, but fair enough~ Art directing and music were excellent~
I watch this raw and subbed... well, on the raw, not all the time. But I do download all the raw episodes (like with Hetalia and DRRR!! if I have to mention examples that are in this list) because taking screencaps from a video with subtitles is annoying~ Ehehehe...
I think I used to provide summaries for this... as in per scene... together with insights and fangurling xD Hehe. I also posted screenshots of my favorite scenes (even made a post with just the screenshots). But when photobucket was being annoying, I no longer provided bigger versions and even lessened the screenshots.
The style of posting my favorite bishie scenes remained though.... at least in most episode posts. But I was definitely consistent in putting too much focus/spotlight on my favorite character there, who is none other than Michael/Mikhail xD He's so crack awesome, I can't help it~
The anime adaptation made me disappointed at times but there had also been many times when it got me so amazed and surprised~ There's still a lot to talk about even if I already knew most of what's going to happen. I highly enjoyed blogging this series~

4. Pandora Hearts
The same with 07-Ghost, I already love this to bits before it got an anime adaptation~ My major disappointment in this though is that the art hadn't been as gorgeous as the manga's (gorgeous as in gorgeous ALL THE TIME because the manga was like that while the anime had scenes where the characters look deformed or something =_=) But putting that aside, it still did the manga justice, and oh boy I enjoyed watching the anime that at times I don't mind watching it raw.
Because of time constraints, there are instances wherein I had to do batch posts instead of one-post-per-episode style because it'll be too hard to catch up if I don't do so. But in every episode, aside from my thoughts on the events and my fangurlings, I usually include my favorite screenshots... and also the scenes that made me laugh the most xD For a mystery gothic fantasy series, PH is actually full of crack and there's silliness in almost every episode xD It's fun to recall those hilarious moments. Haha! Those scenes might be lame or simply not funny to others but... ah well, I'm just that east to humor, hehe.
It's so much fun to blog Pandora Hearts... especially when it comes to talking about the funny stuff. Blame the characters for that xD Especially Oz, haha!

5. Bakemonogatari
This series intrigues me~ It has a similar style as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's (same director) but he also did an excellent job on this one. It may have fanservice but the story and characters are really fantastic! It's insane, yet hilarious and incredible at the same time~ I love it!
I attempted to do this by episode at first, but time was my enemy again so I decided to blog it by arc. It turns out that it's more fun to watch and blog it by arc... at least there's no week-long torture in waiting for what happens next, hehe.
I'm not yet done with this because if I remember correctly, there's going to be another OVA coming up... I'll be watching those special episodes in one go.

6. Shangri-la
I think this has been turned down by a lot of bloggers just because it's made by Gonzo ^^; Gonzo has done terribly on a lot of shows I agree, but Shangri-la, I believe, is one of their good ones. The story and the characters are really interesting. I think this might've been given a second chance if it wasn't by Gonzo.
Ah well, I love blogging neglected series... hehe. It pains me when good ones are being ignored ^^; Anywayz, I did bullet style on blogging this. I just placed whatever I've noticed or speculated or question or comment... then it will usually end with my favorite scenes.... most of them are making fun of my favorite character: Kunihito. Hahaha! I'm very evil to my favorite characters, I know~ But he's so like asking for it xD Hahahaha!
Before I was able to follow it weekly but around halfway I missed a lot and was forced to dump all that I've missed in one post ^^; I regretted being behind it because latest events had been really good and interesting, hehe.

xtine06's Top Picks:

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
This series is one of the my highly regarded anime ever since H*P started. I didn't even noticed that I already reached 50++ blogged episodes because of its awesomeness as a series. I always have something to say when dealing with FMA and I love getting screenshots especially those quack moments of Ed, Mustang or whoever else pulling a crack in the episode.
Though there may be some days that I post late for various reasons, I always make it a point to catch up as soon as I can. Currently, I am still two episodes behind but I promise that it is on my priority watch list as I look forward to posting about them soon.
I think another reason that I love this series is because I have followed it's first anime version. I kinda have an expectation on what the series will be in terms of characters and storyline and I can say that this version is damn better! I always get excited and look forward to every Sunday as I check for spoilers about the latest FMA episode.

2. Naruto Shippudden
I am so behind in this!!!! I am so sorry >.< I will really try to catch up with it soon. But anyway, this is also one of the series that I have been following as a kid. I already graduated from college and up now, I am so into Naruto. Especially now that the episodes are getting more exciting, I am always hyped to blog about Naruto. The only thing that hinders from posting (and this is the reason that I am so behind) is my so little time and extremely busy life. I want to make sure that each post is relevant and would contain juicy information about the story arc so I intend to post per arc. I kinda find it hard to post in an episodic manner because Naruto has a very distinct characteristic per episode. A single encounter, as in just the preliminary encounter between characters can be as long as one episode, so what to post about it?
I do promise to catch up with my posts very soon. My episode list is piling up and it would really be better if I will start posting about Naruto Shippuudden real soon.

3. Detective Conan
I am really so faithful about DC, even though I admit it is already tiring to watch episodes that have nothing to do about the whole plot. I am watching this ever since as a kid, and right now it is on it 500++ episode. I can't really imagine that I am watching this series for a very long time already and yet, I haven't seen Conan become Shinichi again.
The reason that I am always following this series is because of my love for mystery and because of my anticipation for Kaitou Kid!!!! I am also so behind about this in terms of my post, but trust me, I am catching up with the old episodes (and they are VERY OLD episodes) so that I can again resume watching the latest episodes.

4. KID: The Phantom Kid
Haven't you seen my first ever post?! I am drooling over Kaitou Kid!!!!!! He is the greatest and cutest thief of all. He is very gentleman and would always return the jewel he stole if  that is not the jewel he is looking for.
I know, I have just posted one episode and this is just for three episodes but I promise to post about them as episodes come. I will never let a Kaitou Kid episode pass for a very long time! *_*

5. Kaichou wa Maid-sama
USUI~~~~ >.< I have heard about this series for a long time and since I am an anime person, I am SO HAPPY THAT THIS GETS ANIMATED!!! Weeee~~ I am already getting addicted to this series. And to think that I have only watched 4 episodes??!
Because of Usui-kun, I am loving to get screenshots because each screenshot would mean capturing more of Usui-kun and his extreme cuteness!!!
Expect to see more of this as soon as subbed episodes are out!!!

6. K-ON!!
Done with Season 1 and now I am blogging about Season 2. I am really so into music and so K-ON really caught my attention. The comedy, the laughters and the unique music the girls of K-ON give is really refreshing to watch each episode.
I didn't think that a season 2 will come for K-ON but the announcement of the second season really pumped me up. I am still looking forward to the new music season 2 will offer, though.

Overall Impression:

Sapphire Pyro: I'm already aware that my blogging style per series differ.... but only now when I'm thinking of talking about how I blog them have I realized on how different they are ^^; Hehe. Style doesn't even remain in one show, because of my worst enemy: time limit ^^; but I guess so was my mood and... my desire to blog about too many stuff... more than I could handle xD Haha!
It's really fun to blog about the series that you enjoy~ Hehe. Sorry if my posts are usually freakin' long. I'm that typative, haha!
I don't think I could blog as much as before, but will give enough love to those I manage to~ Hehe.

xtine06: I don't really know how to generalize my comments but that's because of my very diverse choices on what anime to blog. But I kinda noticed that both Naruto and Conan, both series that have been going on for a while now are series that I have been lagging behind. Perhaps, it is intended for me to do this post to remind myself that I need to do my posts right now!!!! :)

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