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Anime Discoveries 2009-2010

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Yu Yu Hakusho is very memorial for me. 
As far as I can remember, this is the very first anime that I get addicted to. 

Ever since the time that I cannot really remember, watching anime has been my past time. It relieves me from the stress of daily life and it gives me a very good entertainment. Each season, I have new titles to look forward to watch. Even though it will be add on my very long download list, it doesn't matter because I really like watching them.

So from the Spring 2009 up to the current Spring 2010, I will be listing down the series that I liked. I will divide them per season and I will put a little of my thoughts per series. The series are listed in no particular order. Also, the titles that will land on this posts are the ones that I had watched or currently watching.

Spring 2009

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1. K-ON!
This is the very first season of K-ON. I loved and still loving the K-ON girls because of the comedy, the laughtrips and the funny moments of the four of them. I also love their music which are all unique and cute to listen to.

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2. Phatom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
A breather from the usual anime plots that I am watching each season. The storyline is very different, not to mention the action and romance genre of this series. But if you don't like protagonists who die at the end, then I think you need to stay away from this.

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3. Senjou no Valkyria
A typical adventure related anime with touch of romance but what made me stick to this series is FALDIO. If you do check my Valkyria posts, they all contain Faldio screenshots because it is really fun fangirling over those Faldio shots ^^;

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4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
And to think that this is still ongoing?! Wow, I can't believe that I am blogging about this for about a year already. It's so amazing!! The remake of the FMA series, I say that this is way better than it's first version. The story is much better, the episodes are action-packed but what really makes special are the comedic moments even though there is a serious problem that the characters need to face.

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5. Tears to Tiara
This is special to me because this is the first anime whose raw episode I get to see on Animax. Aside from that, I also liked watching this series because of the Maou related plot, which I have a liking because of Kyou Kara Mao. Another typical adventure related anime but hey, Taliesin made it much more interesting!

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6. 07-Ghost
I really thanks Sapphire Pyro for introducing me to this. Lots of lovable characters especially Mikage and Hakuren. FukuJun's voice also enticed me to watch this series and follow it to the very end. And I now read the manga too!

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7. Eden of the East
This is really unique and very futuristic. I think the flow of events for this series is very fast paced but I liked it! I just hated the cliff hanger ending and I need to wait for a year just to watch it's continuation in the movie.

Summer 2009

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1. Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
This is really nice to watch especially if you are into mystery and suspense. Every time I watch this series, I get crazy trying to understand what happened  and the same time, trying to solve the mysteries. This is really something that makes my mind twisted.

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2. Tokyo Magnitude
I didn't expect this to be dramatic. I cried at the last episode. Since I am also the oldest in the family, I can understand Mirai's concerns and feelings. Mirai can get really annoying at first but once you follow the story, she is not that annoying at all.

Fall 2009

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1. Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
Though a bit shorter than the first season, this is also very nice. With the introduction of the new characters, the second season focuses more on Hei's character and relationship with Rin. The ending is kinda vague for me too, I didn't know if Hei died or not.

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2. Kimi ni Todoke
A must see!!!!!!!!! A very funny and sweet love story between a boy next door and a shy type girl. I always look forward watching the releases each episode. This is a light love story because there are really no villains who tarnished the relationship of Kazehaya and Sawako. Sure, the jealous Kurumi is there but she ends up being friends with Sawako. I want a second season for this one!

Spring 2010

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1. Kaichou wa Maid-sama
A good replacement of Kimi ni Todoke and I am already getting addicted to Usui-kun!!! I love him!!!!! I like him!!!! I already heard about this from some friends and they say that this is good. And they are REALLY, REALLY right. Waaaa. Usui-kun!!!!!

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2. K-ON!!
Well, I think I already said something about K-ON so just refer there ^^;

Wow.....amazing! This is not as long as the manga discoveries of Sapphy but for an anime that is about 30 minutes long, this is already A LOT!

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