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[H*P Rankings] AniManga Guys

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It's April and that means that Valentines Day and White Day is already long done. Some of you may have received chocolates and have also given out chocolates to their special someones. But here in Hyper Parfait, Love Day is not yet done as we unveil our list of top AniManga guys that made us go gaga every time we get to see them.

Just a reminder though, the guys are arranged per series not per character for easy reading.

And so what are we waiting for??!

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xtine06's pick:

I know he only appeared for a short while that short span of time made me see how special he is. Not only is he gifted with the looks but he is also filled with sweetness towards his friend, Teito. I kinda feel sad that he had to die early and every time he will appear for a short while, it makes my 07-Ghost experience even better!
Anyway, as a friend, he is the truest among the true friends in the whole wide world. He gave up his own happines and his family's too so that he can save Teito. He is very willing to give up all that he has for Teito, someone whom he just met. He chose to fight Ayanami's control over him tat the longest time possible just so he can spend the last few days of his life with Teito. He was able to bear the suffering brought about by Ayanami for the sake of Teito, his most beloved friend.
It would be a nice wish that Mikage could spend more time with Teito and even accompany him in journey or even become a bishop.  Any extra moments with Mikage would be surely loved by me. But it could be too late since Mikage is already dead. The only thing that I get to enjoy are the extra moments where Teito reminisces his days with Mikage.

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Zen Wistaria (Akagami no Shirayukihime)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

If I were to choose between a Prince Charming and a Knight in Shining Armor... I would pick the Prince Charming... since... even though not all princes are skillful combatwise, they are supposed to be trained in such in order to protect themselves. So for me it means that a prince can act as a knight as well. But as for knights, they don't get the royalty status unlike princes. So yeah, I'm more into princes, and my top favorite prince is from my number one favorite shoujo manga~
He's not as good as his bodyguards, but skillful enough on the sword. He may be bratty and irresponsible for escaping from work most of the time, but he does fulfill his duties and is serious on helping his people. He's not the type that can be bribed nor fooled by greedy nobles. He's just and he'll do as much as he can to help those in need. He could sort his priorities, unlike typical shoujo princes who only have their love interest in their focus.
He has a romantic interest, but he didn't force his feelings on her. He lets her do her best; watches over her and will only interfere if things get dangerous. He obviously sees her as very important, but she doesn't always get all his special treatment, and he doesn't forget about his friends either. In other words, I see him as someone who can balance his love for his people, his friends, and his lover.
And of course, he's very very very goodlooking by the way. Not to mention hilarious~ I think he has the most crack expressions in the series, and it's fun to watch him being abusive to his retainer and also when he's being teased by the others. Hahaha! I really like entertaining princes~
Zen is my prince charming~

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Arthur Kirkland aka England/UK and Gilbert Beilschmidt aka Prussia (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

I honestly didn't expect him to be my favorite character when I first saw him. The eyebrows were really weird for me... until I got used to it. Haha! Anywayz, it was only later when I realized that he's actually handsome, even with those unbelievably thick eyebrows, LOLz~ I first loved him for his personality~
I'm very fond of tsundere male characters, heck I think most of my favorite male characters are tsundere in a way. Hehe. He's officially labeled as such but I don't remember him being too tsun tsun nor too dere dere except in... well... fan works ^^; I'm really fond of characters who may act and/or appear mean/cruel but are actually nice fellows if you're in good terms with them.
He's actually strong character for being able to beat up a lot of the others (but of course he loses at times). He was even a former pirate and punk, after all~ And oh, he's one of the few characters who actually act villain-like.... wahahha! And it's always fun to watch him get angry or pissed off. Haha!
He's a gentleman in the recent era though, or so he claims~ His mouth is as foul as ever but he could actually say lines that are very sweet and touching.
He had a number of manly traits... but he actually had a number of cute ones as well~ Apparently, he's into embroidery (guys who sew rock~). Unfortunately for him though, he can't cook well. Hehe. (I don't get tired of that joke.) And oh, he's also fond of fantasy stuff... and he can even see those "imaginary" creatures. I find that really really adorable~
He's mr. fantasy/supernatural boy... my favorite genre... and many of my favorite novel authors happen to be British. Haha! There might've been a connection~

He claims to be awesome... and he definitely is!... in a silly way though~ He is always prepared to kick ass and he rocks the music world. Mastering modern technology only takes him overnight and he could write a book in less that a minute! He's really amazing.... hilariously amazing~
He claims that he's happiest when alone... but in actuality he enjoys company. He's childish and silly for an older brother (he's even a bad influence =P), and he enjoys bullying a distant relative for the heck of it. Even with his manry traits, he's actually very fond of cute things, and any businessman would want to sell to him for he's a very generous buyer~
Gilbert is one of the most entertaining characters I've ever known. His personality is so much fun and his looks aren't that behind. He's muscular and goodlooking. His eye colours are rare and his hair colour is pretty much my type (there are two other characters in this list who have the same hair colour).
Arthur and Gilbo are my darlings~

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Firo Prochainezo (Baccano!)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

It was early 2007... the plot of an upcoming series entitled "Baccano!" had captivated me so much. When I watched the trailer, I saw him. I stared at the smiling young man flipping his green hat.....
It was love at first sight.....
The first Japanese name that I bothered to decode was his. The first series wherein I watched the first episode raw was where he belongs to... for the sake of seeing him.
He seems common.... at first glance he's honestly not that different from other animanga bishounen. But Firo.... my strong attraction to Firo is something even I couldn't comprehend very well. Even without knowing his personality nor background yet, he automatically made it as my number one favorite animanga guy (and he's still on the top until now).
So what do I love about Firo? Here are a few things:
1) He's badass. He appears to be an ordinary teenager... but he wears a suit and is actually part of a mafia group. Naturally he's involved in fights... and wins (I love how fast he has pwned Maiza). He may have excellent knife skills, but he doesn't always need that in combat... even if his opponents are armed while he isn't.
2) He's nice... but could be dangerous. He's the usual good guy that you can get along with easily. He was even generous enough to give bills to some poor guy asking for alms... but he didn't receive proper gratitude for the good act he did. He appears to be the type that you couldn't imagine getting seriously very angry... but he's actually capable of that if you mess with his girl. He had been frightening enough to beat up a young girl because she dared to mess with his Ennis. I find it romantic that this pure pure boy could act like a devil because of love~ Hehe.
3) He has a mysterious charm. I think aside from the characters that were meant to be annoying or be hated, Firo can get along with everyone in his universe. There are a number of very dangerous men in the series (like Claire, Ladd, Kristofer, etc.) and they hate each other.... BUT they actually have good relations with Firo (at least, as far as I know). It's something surprising, but Firo's just that likeable xD
Firo appears plain... but there's actually more to him. No wonder he's the main character of the show (however, he doesn't get much special treatment or much focus unlike the usual main character of an anime/manga). I love Firo's simplicity (he's not exactly gorgeous but goodlooking enough to fall in love for; his clothes aren't exactly flashy but cool enough on him; he's not exactly the best fighter in normal situations but he's good enough to defend himself; and he's not exactly intelligent either, heck he doesn't like to think much, but he's no idiot).
Oh dear... I have more things to tell on why I love this guy.... and there'll be even more once I've caught up with the translated Baccano novels at least~
I am relieved that Firo's immortal.... he'll look the same in whatever generation xD Hehe. He changed his hairstyle and wore glasses on the latest era though... but Firo is still Firo~
Firo is my beloved.... and will always be~

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Lelouch Lamperouge and Rollo Lamperouge (Code Geass)
xtine06's pick:


I remember when I first saw him as an avatar of Sapphire Pyro in her YM window. His innocent smile caught me and that made me watch Code Geass. (I later find out that his smile is not so innocent at all). Yes, he is really twisted and crazy but he is also damn intelligent and cute! I don't mind that he is not so good with Physical Education. He can compensate that with his extreme intelligence that surprises even adults.
I guess why I love Lelouch is because of his very strong character and not to mention the possibility that I am already geassed to like him. LOL. Anyway, I find his way of thinking so amusing for me. He has very wild ambitions and I believe that he truly fits to be the King! I think when normal people see him, no one would really think that this guy caused soooo much commotion in various circumstances since he can fool you with his innocent and cute looks. His weird mind and wild strategies are really striking and appealing to me. I feel that when he gets a chance to meet with Sun Tzu, he might change his philosophy for the art of war.  (What's wrong with me?! Hahaha.)
I am also one of those who believe that he is not dead and he is the cart driver that C.C is talking to as the series finally ended. I refuse to believe that he did die and I would want him to be just the mysterious person watching them from afar and would just come back if ever he is needed.
My favorite costume of him was when he is wearing his white coat with pink underpolo! He does look so cute in that suit but nothing beats it when he is wearing his Emperor costume. The dress is filled with very intricate details and has a very unique design. The hat is so perfect for him and the details are so amazing!  I imagine him picking that truly fits his personality.
Lelouch is really very cool and his antagonistic side is really HOT for me.

Sapphire Pyro:
*didn't know that she was the one who introduced Lulu to xtine06* xD Haha! Anywayz, I like Lulu *a sucker for fallen princes* but I enjoy him more when around my goddess, his beloved brother, and his best friend~ Ah, I also like it when he's being epic fail in doing something physical xD haha!


I'd have to admit that I hated him when I read the r2 spoilers because the idea of a new sibling to Lelouch is not so welcome to me. Plus, his background is so unclear and I initially thought of him as a enemy, not a comrade for Lelouch.
Well, he is an enemy...a spy from the Britannian forces but I began to love this guy as the series progressed. He is so attached to his onii-sama that I feel pity on him when Lelouch didn't recognize him as his brother. I tell you, I cried when he died especially when Lelouch said that he is the brother of Lelouch Lamperouge and not Lelouch Li Brittania. This guy is really willing to do anything for Lelouch even though he know that Lelouch has plans of killing him. He overused his geass abilities to save Lelouch from dying!!! And he even gave him the chance to talk to Nunnally without even caught by Suzaku. His nobleness as a brother really touched me and thus, I started loving Rollo.
His clinging to Lelouch is the result of his lonely past. Lelouch gave him the love that he needed, the attention that he wanted and the memories that prove of his existence. He is initially described as heartless but who would have thought that he was touched by Lelouch's sibling love and started to love his twisted brother. Even until now, I ask WHY DO HE NEED TO DIE?? He is so young..and cute...and charming...and adorable!!
Honestly, I already wanted Lelouch's real sibling to be Rollo. No offense to Nunnally lovers.

Sapphire Pyro:
Same with xtine06, I disliked Rolo at first too... my reason though is because he looks so ghey =_= but when I learned that he has this passionate brotherly love for Lelouch... and also his background... he became a favorite character~

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L(Death Note)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

I looooove prodigies and detectives. L is a genius detective.... and totally no ordinary one. His identity and background is still a mystery, and his mysteriousness makes him more interesting to me. And even if we don't know enough of his backstory, his personality is entertaining enough to please and amaze me!
He's a detective that gets involved in tough cases, and he always wins them except with his encounter with the main character. Even if he lost, he's still incredible and remarkable for he had managed to get very close in capturing the main character (his hunch is even right all along) even though he is in a great disadvantage. He's so fantastic that even his successors are no match to him... unless those two join forces... but tey wouldn't even be able to go that far without his lead.
Death Note for me had not been the same without him. Events hadn't been as intense... or fun. For a serious series, L has provided a lot of entertainment. For a prodigy and a rich dude, he wears simple clothes and has weird habits/mannerisms. And what's more surprising is that he actually has a sweet tooth.... which is cute~ He's not used to being around jolly people that his expressions when Misa's around had been amusing~ He's also very fun when he's around Light.... they are always intense behind those smiles~ And even though he appears to be the type who only stays indoors, he's actually good in sports and capable of kicking ass. He's just that incredible. And incredible weirdo. Oh he's adorable~
L is my weird genius detective~

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Kaitou Kid (Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

I was a huge fan of the Detective Conan seies and Shinichi was my initial favorite (can't resist a fellow Sherlock Holmes fan). But when Kaitou KID was introduced, I began to love him even more than the series as a whole. Naturally, I find the Magic Kaitou, which debuted earlier than DC (but got discontinued, grrr), more enjoyable because he's the main character on that series.
I see Lupin as just some mischievous thief that gets to outsmart his enemies... while I see KID as a performer. He doesn't just steal in public to show off on how good he is, but he was providing entertainment. And I really love the idea of using magic tricks to do stealing stunts and techniques. He's totally no ordinary thief; and not only in that sense. Apparently, he returns what he steals if it wasn't the one he's looking for (which until now he hasn't found). He's obviously not after the money, for a thief; and though he's doing something illegal, he's actually saving the world from something even more dangerous. I find it so noble for him taking all the blame even though he's giving people fun and actually helping them out.
His appearance is also very eye-catching... a mysterious young man in a white magician suit... and a monocle. It turns me on~ Haha! Not to mention he also has a gorgeous face!
His real self is just as lovable. Kaito Kuroba's only similarity to Kaitou KID is the ability to do magic tricks though, haha! He's usually a jerk especially to his childhood friend, but he can be also be very sweet. He's very hilarious too.... and I just love men who do crossdressing so easily! Hahaha! So talented of him to be able to imitate even the voice~
I honestly don't read or watch Detective Conan anymore EXCEPT if Kaitou KID's in the episode/special/movie or chapter. And of course I'm still madly in love with the Magic Kaitou manga, and looking forward to its animation (finally!) coming next month! Yay!
Kaitou KID is my dazzlingly mysterious knight~

xtine06's pick:

I always watch Detective Conan movies, episodes and OVAs and specials with high priority when Kaitou Kid makes an appearance.   His episode is always so amusing to watch. I enjoy seeing him doing his very unusual tactics to open the hardest of all locks just to steal jewels. And I am totally agreeing with him when he calls himself as a gentleman thief for he is indeed one. He returns the objects that will not mean anything for him and he is kind enough to help Shinichi whenever he is in a pinch. I guess, they are already friends, they just haven't realized it yet.
Kaitou Kid is also known for his flashy entrances and poetic hints as to where he will enter to steal. Of course, it's Shinichi's job to figure that out but in whatever way possible, he will still be able to enter the perimeter without any trouble. His skills are so superb that he can do disguises perfectly and he can work really quietly. Before you know it, he already stole the item and flew!
After watching the Lupin-Conan special, I am longing to see a Lupin-Kaitou Kid showdown. The test of who is the best thief in the anime world. Both of them are gifted with thief skills that every thief dreams and could get whatever they want very easily. I also wish that Kid will appear in the next episodes of Conan because he is one of the reasons why I stick around watching Conan even though it is only 400 episodes away from reaching 1000 number of episodes.

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Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

I have a thing for handsome military dudes... also those with flame power~ Roy has been a wonderful combination~ One of the main reasons why I like military guys was because they do awesome combat... and they have guns.... and the uniforms~ LOLz~ What made me more pleased is that Roy is a leader... which makes him cooler because someone in authority gets to do the orders. I liked it even more that he actually has political/ranking ambitions... and it wasn't because he wanted power, but because he wants to make the world a better place and serve the people. That's what political leaders should be! And oh I am fond of stories with political stuff~
I like pyrokinetic dudes... and I found it so cool when Roy gets to manifest his power with just a snap. His way of showing his power seems simple, but he could actually do various things with just a snap. And since his power is based on alchemy, his power isn't just having an ability to create fire but there's actually a method for his power and other complications. Because of his alchemy background, that makes Roy an intelligent character as well. Heck alchemists are like scientists after all.
And of course, he has a weakness. Perfect characters are boring. His weakness was something very amusingly simple though: Water/Rain. Bwahahaha!
Roy seemed to be the serious type but he's actually one of the most hilarious characters in the series! Haha! What a goal to have all military women wear mini skirts! Hahahaha! His relationship with Riza's dog had been so cute. Hehe~ Speaking of relationships, I love his bond with his best friend and subordinates. He cares a lot about them.
I don't get why the anime and the manga want to make him blind or half blind... his eyes are so beautiful! I will only accept that if Riza will act as his eyes.... ohohohoh. Of course I can't deny OTP moment potentials~
Roy is my military badass~

xtine06's pick:

I know the story is not yet done but I am so waiting for him to become the Fuhrer President of the military. And his first reform? All female military members will wear mini skirts!!!! Hahahahahaha.
Well, that is Roy. His funny side always makes me laugh but I love the complexity of his character inside. Even though he can fake a happy smile outside, deep inside of him is a very different emotion. Up to now, he longs to know who is Hughes' murder and is hungry for revenge. He is also a man who fits in the military as he can carry codes perfectly. Even though he is in a pinch, he was able to organize a coup de' etat to remove King Bradley from power and take responsibility for all the sins of the military in the past. Quite noble huh?
But yes, behind those playful remarks and smiles is a very noble intention of serving the people of Amestris that he is willing to sacrifice himself just for them. He might fool you that he is just happy go lucky, but hey, that's way of doing work. I think its an advantage that he is like that or else, he cannot face his enemies even though the odds are against him. His very light character and intelligence truly fits in all of the endeavors that he is facing.
After reading spoilers, I am kinda worried what will now happen to him? He is forced to do human transmutation to become an eligible sacrifice and is now blind as the price to pay. I do hope that he is okay :(

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Wolfram (Kyou Kara Mao)
xtine06's pick:

Even up to now, I still wish for him and Yuuri to be married. Hahahahaha. Yeah...i support the pairing of Yuuri and Wolfram. And that's the very reason why I love this guy. Wolfram can be mistaken as a she sometimes because female clothes perfectly fits him! My favorite is his PINK (take note PINK) sleeping dress which was given to him by Yuuri's mom. For KKM fans like me, many would understand why Wolfram is loveable as a character. He is cool, nice and charming! The best of all, he loves Yuuri so much. Hahahaha.
You would always hear Wolfram scolding Yuuri because he thinks that he is cheating on him. His favorite phrase is "you wimp" as he always calls the cheating Yuuri in that manner. Even though he appears to be always scolding Yuuri, his concern for him is so overwhelming that he even battled his seasickness just to be with Yuuri all the time.

Sapphire Pyro:
 I adored Wolfie the moment I saw him~ Got me more delighted that he turned out to be a tsundere and has flame power xD Hehe. He's the first character that I highly adored that's explicitly homosexual; he has been that special xD Kyaaa~

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Tamaki Suou (Ouran Highschool Club)
xtine06's pick:

Another one those guys who is guilty for being beautiful...check out his character song and you will realize that I am saying. But I don't accuse him of lying because if being beautiful is a real crime, then Tamaki is already in jail and is about to die because of death penalty. He is indeed very handsome...very cute...and very lovable. A perfect fit for the Ouran Highschool Host Club.
Tamaki is very childish and his very optimistic attitude is very LOVABLE!! He always see the positive side of things and refuses to fret over it. And did I mention that he is rich??? He can do anything he wants without any trouble.
As member of the Ouran Host Club, they have costumes depending on the theme of the day and all of these costumes suit Tamaki very well! They dressed up as members of the Shinsengumi, as vampires, and even in their normal school uniforms, I am really loving each and every moment of seeing Tamaki!!!! And oh, everytime Haruhi neglects him, he sulking like a dog at the corner of the room. He looks very cute with that. He calls himself as the father of Haruhi without realizing that what he feels is already LIKE.
And oh, I really like his view about commoners because I am just a commoner tooooo. So I assume I am very welcome to talk with him anytime. Hahahahahaha.

Sapphire Pyro:
Tamaki's an idiotic darling xD He's so charming but at the same time freakin' hilarious xD I love this guy~

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Soldier Blue (Toward the Terra)
Sapphire Pyro's pick:

I became interested in him quickly when I saw his name. Haha! I really love my favorite colour. At first I assumed that he's a military dude that uses my favorite colour as his code name. Hehe.
He was very different from what I thought he was upon seeing the name, but he turned out to be much more interesting than what I had expected. He isn't just a pawn in battle, but actually The Leader... and is even the strongest in his kind until the main character was born. He's such a kindhearted and peaceloving person that he had been charismatic enough to have a lot of people want to follow him. He's not exactly bossy nor persistent, but he has an aura that makes you want to obey him. He hasn't been the leader who abuses his power, but one who serves and protects the people. His goal/dream may seem something personal, but it's still something that everyone will benefit anyway. He just loves other people so much. And I think he loves even his enemies as well, for even though humans have been cruel to him and his kind, he didn't think of taking revenge on them... he just wished to be able to cooperate with them and live peacefully. He is so nice and forgiving that it's really difficult to hate him~
I don't care if he's getting "special treatment" because I think he deserves to be treated such especially with his physical condition. It pains me to see him suffering and so weak, but I like it that he's a character with a weakness... hehe, I really find perfect characters boring~ Oh yeah, he seems to be a serious and boring character, but he can actually be pretty funny (he should have more lines with Keith xD haha!). But well, if you want the obvious Toward the Terra comedy, Soldier Blue's the epic crack in the drama cd extras. Bwahehehe...
He didn't last long in the series (and his screentime in the movie is even shorter T_T) but he is no doubt a very significant character in the story. Heck, he had great impact/influence on characters there, especially his successor, who still looks up to him even though he's mch more powerful than Soldier Blue. Blue is just that fantastic~
Blue is my angelic saint~

He is the coolest!!! Why do he need to die at a very early stage??? Even though he passed his responsibility to Jomy, I still prefer Blue to become the Soldier because of his unparalleled leadership abilities and besides, he looks REALLY cute. The blueness of his personality totally fits him and he doesn't look weird or some crazy guy. It's a perfect match for him :)

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Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight)
xtine06's pick:

I read Twilight before watching Vampire Knight. I liked Edward but after getting to know Kaname, Edward is no match for him! He really knows how to use sweet and endearing words that a girl would really love to hear. All of dialogs centered on sweet talking and making himself look pitiful infront of any other girls. And so the normal girl reaction would be "Aww...Kaname-sama..."
Anyway, even if as a vampire, he is also one of those perfect guys any girls would dream to have. He is royalty, as a leader of the pureblood vampires and is being followed by all. So the girl he chooses (well, it's Yuuki) is expected to be treated like a dear princess.
There's one thing that I hate about Kaname, though. He is so over-protective. Even a small thing that could harm her lady, he wouldn't let him/her/it touch her. And if ever the lady gets hurt, it seems that his world would crumble into pieces. However, if I think about it in another perspective, it is also very sweet of him if he acts that way. You would feel that for him, you are very special and that you are his world. Would that make you so "Awww"?

Over All Impression:

Sapphire Pyro:
Let's see.... I think my top bishies are my initial favorites of a certain series as soon as I discover them. Hehe. It's like, at first glance I could already sense that they're awesome... and fortunately for me they had been more awesome than I expected them to be~ My top 6 are also blessed/gifted/excellent on something, but they're still imperfect that there are times that they fail or screw up or show weaknesses. All of them also aren't what they seem to be (like, he looks evil but he's actually very nice; looks boring but actually interesting; looks serious but actually crack; etc.). All of them are also the leader types, or at least have the mysterious charisma that makes a lot of people/beings want to follow/obey/join them. All of them are also hilarious; some obviously amusing while some are subtle on being comedic. Lastly, of course, all of my favorites are goodlooking. Ohohohohoho~
It was difficult for me to list my top 6 bishies, but I actually have a ranking for this one. Firo has always been my number one since I saw him, followed by Blue, then KID, then Arthur and Gilbo (I can't choose whom I like more anymore), then L, then Roy, and lastly Zen. I have a lot of other favorite bishies but it would be difficult who I'll pick next to Roy.... (Okayz, fine, I thought of two, but after him I really couldn't pick anymore)

It is very hard to pick one! Of all the guys that I love, it is very hard to select the top 6 among ALL of them. Believe me, I needed a scratch paper so that i can properly list down all their names. I pity the scratch paper...I had too many erasures before I finally came up with that list.
And so on to my REAL comments.
I kinda noticed (a long time ago) that I get to appreciate guys who have a very strong character. All of them have done something special to other people and because of that I came to love them. All of them have very striking characteristics that caught my attention, and thus it ended up with me loving him!
All of them are cute and huggable guys and they all have the characteristics that I want from a man. I guess I project to them the different characteristics that I look for. Sometimes, I wish for them to be real because it is really hard to find a man that would be a combination of all of them.


  1. Oh, Arthur and Gilbo are also my two favorite Hetalia characters, that's funny! ^___^
    I never get enough of these two : )

    There is lots of other awesome characters in your list, too!

  2. Thank you xtine06 and Sapphire~
    I also see that many people belong to you, Sapphire! XD

    I love Arthur VERY much. When I first began to read Hetalia, Japan was my favorite character. But, all of a sudden, this adorable, hot-tempered, gentlemenly, heartbroken, ADORABLE man became my favorite, slapping Japan to second place. For some reason (maybe beacause if I were animated I would fit in this catergory XD),tsundere people like him are awesome. I love also how he can be so gentlemanly then cuss you out if you rub him the wrong way. He used to be a pirate = automatic love. I love every single thing about him, from his reactions towards Alfred, down to the fact that he trims his eyebrows. It's just epic. I also like his hair too~♥

    Tamaki was wonderful. Just like you, I thought it was hilarious how protective he was. I loved the one episode when he questioned his feelings for Haruhi. So confused he was! Such an odd answer he created!

    L was pretty aweseome, but I liked Light as well. The mental battles were amazing, just when you thought you were the smart one who knew it all: BAM!!! Something happens. I wonder how L felt when he realized that he had lost. Must have been so annoying, he l o s t! Saddening, his friend was killing him! Or maybe he was happy, since he had been right all along. I personally prefer the manga's ending.

    I never finished Vampire Knight, only got as far as when she was bitten (heheh, just another one...>_<) but I never got anything but waves of adoration from Kaname. I need to make a to-do list....

    That is a lovely picture of Zen thar. I havent read enough of this one to do it justice, but I know enough to agree with you about his attitude towards men flirting with his girl. Not OMG, DIE !, but... irritated. His expressions are crack and need to be on at least every other page.

    ROY MUSTANG!!! He is wonderful. If I could chose an element to use in alchemy, it would be fire. I just love the way it looks, and it is the opposite of cold. I also like his dreams of a better country, and that he is not this kind yet hardened man: he is freaking halarious. A girl would hate to be around, when Fuhrer Mustang came to town~

    The rest of the anime I either have watched too little episodes to even talk about them, or know nothing at all about. When after an eternity I catch myself up with all the anime and manga I need to watch/read, I'll tackle these.
    BTW, I read the latest bit of Durarara! :3

  3. Hahahahaha~ both of you got the similarity with me~ mikage, wolfram, igirisu and prussia, firo and many more!!! if you find my favorite guy it's gonna be 50 list!!! XDDDDDDDD or i'll short it into 10~ anyway maybe my taste and saphhy test quite similar esp bishie~ XDDDDDD

  4. @ Anonymous
    Yay to similar favorites xD

    @ DayDreamer95
    "many people belong to you"
    ---> BWAHAHAHHAHAHA xD I LOVE how you worded it~

    With death note though.... I don't like either actual endings. DN ended for me when L was gone T_T

    @ Mito
    Oh my I think I could list more than a hundred it I'm not limited on the listing xD So many bishies~