Monday, March 15, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: Fists

~Bah, I want this reunion arc be longer. I do hope that Madara and Zetsu will not further interfere with Naruto and Sasuke's long awaited talk. I HAVE WAITED LONG FOR THAT SO PLEASE LET THEM TALK. ~

Chapter highlights:
  • Sasuke's Chidori vs. Naruto's Rasengan!!!
  • The encounter caused a very big explosion that had them flying to very far places.
  • Kakashi acted just right in time to save Naruto.
  • Zetsu appears and acted as a cushion for Sasuke. This surprises Sasuke.
  • Zetsu tells him that it is Madara's order that he will keep an eye on him. 
  • Madara then appears to take Sasuke away since he is already beaten up by his fight with Danzou.
  • Sasuke tells Madara to wait because he wants to hear what Naruto wants to say.
  • Naruto believes that the two of them are destined to fight and to die together. 
  • Naruto is very ready to shoulder the burden of Sasuke and take it away from him.
  • Sasuke asks why he cares and Naruto's answer? Because they are friends!
  • Naruto also tells Sasuke that he hasn't given up on him. However, he has already accepted the fact the fact that Sasuke will not go back home to Konoha since words is not enough to make him understand once again.
  • Sasuke again stressed the point that he will not go back and abandon his new path. He doesn't want to be understood and he has no intention of understanding Naruto's feelings.
  • The chapter ended with Naruto declaring that he will fight Sasuke. 

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