Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 47

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~ I do like Al's image with Pride's eyes on it. It kinda looks really cool~

Episode 47: Messenger of Darkness


Ed's party travel to a village outside of Centra lto find Hoenheim. He greeted his father with a hard punch in a face and so another father-son reunion for Hoenheim. Hoenheim meets with them to tell the truth and he even offered to use him a Philosopher's Stone but Ed refuses. Hoenheim is so proud to hear that his son grew up like that and then continues to reveal that Father is using the solar eclipse tomorrow. Before they end their converstation, Ed reasserts that he is only joining forces with his father to improve their chances of winning. This doesn't bother Hoenheim a bit because he is satisifed that they are fighting together. As Ed walks off, he tells his father Trisha's last message that she cannot keep his promise and that she has to go ahead of him. With this, Ed saw his father cry. 


Ed, Greed and the Chimera are now walking along the woods outside of the village and they run into Al, much to Ed's happiness. But Al is not himsel as Ling takes control of his body to warn Ed and it turns out Pride possessed Al's armor. 


At the east, Bradley's body is still missing. Miles suspect that Grumman is only taking this chance to obtain power for himself by letting Mustang and Olivier do the dirty work. 


Back to Pride, he reveals that he is there to get rid of Greed and to take custody of Ed. The chimeras already hide and Greed and Ed fight Pride. Greed was captured and now, Pride tries to make Ed submit by threatening the nearby slum. But Ed realized by now that Pride is moving using shadows and cuts the light source in the area. With this, Pride is unable to move but Ed and everybody else can't too. Greed suspects that Pride real body is in the forest so he send Lion King after Selim while King Kong and Ed try to run away. Unfortunately, the get attacked by Gluttony. But Gluttony is dumb, he is also hampered by the darkness and so that makes him in equal footing with King Kong. He fights gluttony but  inadvertently knocks Ed out since it is really dark. Ling convinces Greed to trade places with him since he can sense Homonculus' presence which makes him able to fight Gluttony effectively. This angers Gluttony enough to open up his huge stomach but before they get sucked, Lan Fan arrives with her balded automail arm. 

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  1. Ack, so sorry for not commenting on this sooner, I had realized I had not watched this episode yet! Then, over spring break my computer committed Internet Suicide. Finally, it's fixed, I have watched all the newest episodes I could, and I can make a comment! :D

    Hoenheim crying was quite sad. I can understand Ed, just about to yell at him when that happens. Mood kill much.
    Al with eyes IS awesome. I am so used to seeing glowing eyes that real ones stick out very much. And YES Lan Fan!!!! With awesome automail!!! 8D