Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 46

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Episode 46: The Creeping Shadow

~ How will I miss Roy's moment like this??? I am really excited to see him on action soon! I still can't forget his line from S1 when he said that if ever he became President, all female military members will wear mini skirt!!~

The Promised Day is nearing and it is now springtime. Mile's forces have now arrived in Resembool on the way to the East. Winry uses this opportunity to go back home. She is inside a water tank to avoid bein seen by other people. She goes back to her empty house and when she goest o her room to change, she is SO SURPRISED to see ED eathing there. It turns out, Ed, Greed, Heinkel and Darius are there to have Ed's automail checked. So since Winry and Ed finally met up, Winry tells him about how's Lior and how they met Hoenheim there, though he went to Central already. 

Later that night, Ed, Gree and the Chimera guys leave and Ed tells Winry to be ready to bake an apple pie when he get back. In Lior, the other Chimera guys met up with Marcoh and Scar as they are now heading to Central with a group of Ishval men who also wants to change the country. 

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Miles and Grumman's forces have now met up in the East under the pretense of some joint exercises. They have to be always on guard because King Bradley is there to observe. Miles also left Al behind the train station and he is still experiencing his armor body rejecting him. Unfortunately, Gluttony and Pride arrived and they captured him. 

In Central, Mustang paid a visit to Olivier and notes that the whole manor is enough to fit a battalion. He gives Olivier a bouquet of flowes with a note attached saying that Selim Bradley is a Homonculus. 

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In the continuing joined exercises, Miles already know that Al is missing and had his man look for him. On the other hand, Bradley's henchman thinks that this exercise is just a decoy for the Ishvalans to commit terrorism and that Grumman is planning on invading Central under the excuse of suppressing that terrorism. King Bradley suddenly decides to return to Central. He rides his trian then the train gets bombed while crossing a bridge. The news reaches Central and this made the upper echelon go panic and Olivier is about to make her move. However, Father arrived with Sloth and reassures that he is still in Central.


  1. Lol at Edward. Nevermind saying hi when she comes into HER room, you also watch her change. Evil Pride looks oddly cute, and YAY Gluttony!

    Ah, the opening song they are currently using is one of my favorites, second only to the first one. I spent an hour going back just to listen to it again! XD Man, this thing is just getting better and better, I prefer this storyline to the original FMA. More depth, more awesomeness. I do wish for Lust to come back though. I am wondering about the difference between how Lust was killed and how Envy was beaten. Lust never showed a wittle version of herself, if I remember correctly, she was burnt to a crisp. Based on what Envy said, a Philosopers stone is not neededto live. Perhaps each homuculus dies differently? Also, whatever happened to the stone Ed's chimeras picked up? Was it lost? Sorry if these were discussed before(or answered in next episode)~

    This Promised Day has me all excited. I hope the ending is nothing like the original's,(not that I want it to end)I want both Ed and Al to be wholly together with Winry once more~.

  2. I want to end happily too. The brothers had so much trails in life and so giving them the best ending is something that they really deserve.

    I think the philosopher's stone is still with the chimera guys since I haven't seen it since they took it. Perhaps it will be useful in the near future??

    So..who's your fave homonculus? Mine's Greed! All forms of Greed is LOVE for me. (But Im not Greedy..just want the personality...hahaha) :P

  3. I really like Greed's voice. I am happy they kept it when he became Ling~

    I guess I like Pride the best. I just love his expressions and the wittle hands and eyes and teeth popping out of shadows. He slightly reminds me of my own personality~ :3

  4. Yeah. Greed;s voice perfectly fits has a greedy feeling tooooo.

    Ooohh..I guess Pride has the most mysterious personality since no one suspects the kid!!! :)