Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 483-484

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Chapter 483: Master and Student Reunited
Chapter 484: Their Team 7

~ As the title suggests, this is like a little and awkward reunion for Team 7~

Chapter 483 highlights:
  • Sakura arrived, much to Sasuke's surprise and told him that she wants to come and follow him even though it means betraying Konoha.
  • Of course, Sasuke is so suspicious of Sakura's intention. Who wouldn't be? If I am Sasuke, I might be suspicious too.
  •  To test her loyalty, Sasuke told her to kill Karin.
  • Pretending to agree, Sakura approached Karin. She thinks that this might be the moment to kill him so their will be no more problems but Karin warned her that Sasuke is not who he used to be.
  • Sasuke wants to kill Sakura. Good thing, Sakura got a warning from Karin.
  • But before Sasuke can even land an attack or touch Sakura, Kakashi arrived, blocking the attack.
  • Kakashi said that he will be the one to carry the burden as his responsibility as their teacher.
  • Kakashi ordered Sakura to heal Karin as she is an important source of information about the enemy.
  • Kakashi also asked Sasuke to stop aiming for revenge, to which Sasuke laughed at and expressed that he wants to kill him. 
Chapter 484 highlights:
  • Sasuke started his attack with a Susanoo, firing an arrow at Kakashi. 
  • Kakashi countered with Kamui since the arrow is to fast to be dodged. This surprises Sasuke.
  • Sasuke also adds that Kakashi must be thankful to the Uchiha clan for giving him the power of the Sharingan. Kakashi replied that there is more to hatred in his clan so he has to look deep inside about it.
  • A sorrowful Sasuke said that happiness Konoha is feeling right now is at the expense of Itachi's life. With his sadness, Susanoo transform into a larger, armor clad version.
  • Susanoo soon died because Sasuke's eyes turned nearly blind because he overused his Sharigan abilities.
  • Recognizing the opportunity, Sakura took the chance to go and kill Sasuke but she wasn't able to do show. She does not have the strength to impale Sasuke and eventually kill him. 
  • Kakashi rushes in to save Sakura but was knocked out of balance, giving Sasuke a chance to get back on Sakura. 
  • Kakashi begged to Sasuke not to kill Sakura. Sasuke ignores the pleas and is ready to strike then suddenly...
  • Naruto arrived just in time to snatch Sakura from Sasuke's grasp.

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