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Naruto - Chapter 480-482

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Chapter 480: Sacrifice
Chapter 481: Danzou's Death
Chapter 482: Once More...

~ What an unexpected twist in the end! ~

Chapter 480 highlights:
  • The two (Danzou and Sasuke) clashed as they begin to impale on another.
  • Danzou mocked Sasuke that he attacked too early since he can still use Izanagi, thus assuming that he won.
  • But much to his horror, he was actually the one who was injured by Sasuke. 
  • It was then revealed that Sasuke used his genjutsu on Danzou, having him believe that the eye is still open and could last a little longer. Madara noted that the real eye closed before they start impaling each other. 
  • Danzou fell, having received fatal injuries, to which Sasuke tells him to never mess with an Uchiha. 
  • Danzou really has strong will to live as he again stood up, and finally used Shishui's Sharingan.
  • He then grabs Karin as a hostage.
  • As Sasuke finds it ironic that he took Karin as hostage and yet he ranted about self-sacrifice previously,  Danzou tells him that it doesn't matter if he will be alive or not. Everything is for the betterment of the ninja world.
  • Danzou asserts that he must survive for he is the only one who can change the world for the better.
  • Without any sign of hesitation, Sasuke stabbed Danzou in the heart with a Chidori Spear, along with Karin on the process.
  • Sasuke then remarks..."One down, niisan"
Chapter 481 highlights:
  • Yes guys, Sasuke stabbed Danzou along with Karin. 
  • Karin cannot really believe that Sasuke did this to her and asked "Is this all I am to you?"
  • Sasuke, with content smiles told her that she is only a burden for him if she can become a hostage so easily.
  • Danzou lost all of his control with the First Hokage's DNA, which allow him to use Wood Release, he severed his own arm so that he will not be swallowed by the DNA and turn him to become a giant tree.
  • Danzou had a little flashback as he staggered towards Sasuke and Madara and remembered his rivalry with Sarutobi and how he cannot match with him. 
  • With his last breath, he thought of including Sasuke and Madara to join him in his death by using the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique but failed because the targets have already retreated out of range.
  • However even in his last few seconds, Danz┼Ź worked towards helping Konoha, as in a final act of defiance against Madara, he destroys Shisui's Sharingan eye to prevent Madara from using it.
  • With this, Sasuke eyes Konoha as his next target. 
Chapter 482 highlights:
  • Danzou's dead and its now time for Madara to retreat and take Danzou's body. By this time, it is not yet known to Madara that Danzou destroyed Shishui's eyes.
  • He urges Sasuke to rest at their base because he was also beaten up by his fight with Danzou.
  • He also tells Sasuke to kill Karin if she is not an ally for him anymore. 
  • Sasuke plainly remarks that Madara is suggesting that the two of them are allies, which he insists was never the case.
  • Meanwhile, Sakura along with Kiba and Lee are trailing Sasuke's scent convinced her to tell the truth to Naruto.
  • Suddenly, Kiba picked up Sasuke's scent, as to which Sakura tells everyone to stop.
  • She then apologizes to them in secret and prepares her smoke bomb to knock everyone down but Sai comes to stop her. 
  • Sakura insists but Sai stopped him with his ink beasts. Kiba and Lee attack but are subdued.
  • Sakura uses this opportunity to use her smoke bombs to knock everyone out. 
  • On the other side, Naruto has woken up from his sleep and is surprised to see that Sai and Kakashi are missing.
  • Yamato told him that they are going after Sakura and that they should head back to Konoha without them.
  • Of course, Naruto wants to go and help them but Yamato stops him. Refusing to listen, Naruto leaves a bunshin to distract Yamato and uses his Sage Mode to follow Kakashi through his chakra signature.
  • Back to Sasuke, he is now ready to give the final blow to Karin but suddenly...
  • Sakura (who noticed the darkness of Sasuke's aura) arrived telling him that he wants to be with her, even it means leaving Konoha. 

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