Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 41

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My series of catch up post for FMA starts now..
Gawd, I miss watching this show soooo much!:)

Episode 41: Hell

We continue with last time's episode. Miles is preparing so that they can attack Kimblee any moment and kill him. This idea was not in favor with Ed but Miles told him that letting his emotions take over and letting his guard down would be one of his biggest problems in the long run.

With Marcoh, Winry and Scar underground, they continue to decode the research documents. The documents talk about the relationship of immortality and gold, to which May explains that these two are connected by Eastern Alchemy. One theory she presented that the one who started Eastern Alchemy to Xing is a tall man with golden hair and is immortal. They were also able to find and local Al buried in the sand. After hearing the news about Briggs, Scar suggested that they take refuge in a slum near the area.

Ed was also able to deceive Kimblee about Al's disappearance, thanks to the transmuted armor beside him. This time, Miles and his men are also in position to take Kimblee away but their cover is already busted. A fight then ensues between Kimblee and his chimera men with Ed, Miles and his men. Ed won the battle by using to his advantage the fact the chimera have strong nose by transmuting dynamite to ammonia. 

Ed and Kimblee's fight continues. Kimblee planned to his philosopher's stone by Ed is so agile that he didn't have the time to use it. But to Ed's surprise, another stone is hidden in Kimblee's tongue, which he uses to blow the area. Ed and the chimeras are injured but Ed suffered the most serious damage and soon passes out. When he regained consciousness, he asked the help of the chimeras to help him heal himself by using medical alchemy at the expense of some years of his life being taken from him. Around the same time, Al also collapses much to Winry's surprise.

Even though Ed is healed, he still passes out. Luckily for him the chimeras are good guys and the episode ended with them carrying Ed outside of the area.

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