Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Anime Pairings

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If we are talking about love, then who'd better be fitting to open this post than Romeo and Juliet? 

It is again that time of the year. No, not Christmas this time but Valentines Day! Love is really in the air....and since me and sapphire_pyro are single, we just decided to post for everyone else. Let's say, we wanted to celebrate it with everyone else along with our favorite anime couples of all time! 

Before we proceed to the list, a little note. We just don't want to be misunderstood ^^.

  • The couples that appear on the list are arranged alphabetically. Mine and Sapphire_pyro's combined.
  • There are a total of 6 couples for this list to correspond to two letters of this blog's name. It was supposed to be one for each letter but . . .we can't do it.
  • If you only see my comments, it's my pick. If you see Sapphy's, it's hers. If you see both of ours, then we happen to have the same favorite~
  • Naturally, we can only include the couples from titles we have seen/read.
  • Couples that we'll be including are our favorites, not what we claim as "the best". Opinions differ.
  • Some posts are a bit spoilery, so read at your own risk. 
Now on to the list!
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HY - Heero x Relena (Gundam Wing)
Sapphire Pyro:This, I believe, is one of the most hated pairings in the GW fandom. Main reasons that I see is because it's either they're strictly BL/shounen-ai/yaoi only or anti-Relena. Well, I'm one of the minority. I admit that I disliked Relena at first, because she really seemed to be the annoying spoiled princess type at the beginning of the series. But she turned out to be a woman that knows how to rule, that doesn't fear danger, that can stay calm in most situations. She turned out to be someone really incredible that even our emotionless and skillful main character admired her greatly. In fact, he even thinks she's better than him.
Their relationship began with just her having a special interest on a young pilot of a mobile suit. Why someone of her age is involved in massacres. Whether it had been out of pity or curiosity, there was definitely attraction.
While he was in fact supposed to kill her. Yet he didn't. He couldn't. And for some reason, even though he's so ready to die, her voice made his body move on its own (he didn't continue his suicide).
Their love had been that early; they just didn't know it.
Then later he started to want to protect her. He watches over her from the shadows, and he'll do whatever it takes on cases when she's in danger. He'll also do anything to help her fulfill her goals . . .and will even answer to her wishes, as long as he can assure that it won't be dangerous for her.
She was often in his thoughts. She had been the first on his mind when he gained consciousness, and the last on his mind when he decides to finally die. Heero may not be as obvious as Relena, but with all the things he had done, how could one say that their relationship wasn't mutual?
It was a knight x princess romance to me; and I don't care how many times the knight will rescue the princess, because she's worth saving. She is a woman who aims to (and can) bring peace to their world, not because she's simply hostage material.
Though they each see themselves as inferior compare to the other, they're actually both fantastic in their own way. The admiration had been mutual and so was the need. They give each other strength. They often utter each other's names (Yes, even Heero. Seriously).
In a way they are star crossed lovers though, because it's a love between a killer and a peacemaker. They're almost complete opposites; but their differences is what brought them together.
We don't know if they really ended up together as a couple, but they already seem so canon to me (especially if you've seen those special manga chapters and the movie).

Vol. 1-Itazura Na Kiss DVD
PE - Irie x Kotoko (Itazura na Kiss)
xtine06:  The reason why I love these two is because they are the complete opposite of each other. Their personalities are really different. Kotoko's clumsy and dumb and Irie is the responsible, handsome man that any female would like. But for whatever work of destiny, the two of them fell in love with each other, got married and even had their daughter, Kurumi. I guess they are a testimony for the saying that "opposites attract." Well, their relationship is also supported by their parents so they don't have any other problems about family acceptance.
Irie also began to loosen up his very tight personality when he met Kotoko and fell in love with her. He starts to feel emotions that he felt for the first time in his life like jealousy. He values Kotoko so much that he will really do anything and everything for her so that she will be happy. For Kotoko, she now had a reason to study and to struggle so that she will become a good nurse. She dreamt of being a nurse when Irie wants to be doctor. She believes that in this way, they can alway be together, even at work.
I just wanna be like them when I get married someday. A man like Irie would be a good husband for me. Hahahaha.
Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 1
RF - Kazehaya x Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke)
xtine06: I know I just got to them because of the anime that debuted last season but I already learned to love both of them! For me, they mirror the very sweet moments of falling in love and being in love. In their story, you will really see that both of them feel very nervous with each other, their pink and blushing faces that one normally feels when one is in love. Of all the pairings that I love and support, I can really feel innocent love from the both of them. I can always feel the sincerity of their feelings and how they nurtured that emotion so that they can be together. 

In the recent manga chapters, they are already going steady and are FINALLY boyfriend and girlfriend. It is really cute to see them change their attitude towards each other. I was even surprised to read that Sawako feels very selfish with Kazehaya - something that I didn't think Sawako's caliber can ever say. I know their story is just starting and that they will have to battle lots and lots of challenges, but I really believe in their love with each other. I believe that they got together in the proper time without anyone forcing them or pushing them to be together. They really took things slowly and ended up together beautifully. 

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AR - Seto x Kisara (Yu-gi-oh!)
Sapphire Pyro: They may not be main characters, they didn't have much screentime together, their story was not long enough to be even considered an arc (heck, it seems to be just a minor side story); yet, this one of my top favorite couplse, in fact, it's my second top (next to Simon x Nia).
I see their story as a tragic fairy tale. Seto is a high priest. Kisara was a slave girl. They met during childhood by chance; they meet again years later by chance.
Seto once saved her from slave traders. The next was when she was helpless infront of strong beings that are getting ready to murder her for the sake of some experiment.
He doesn't know her. But he can't stand her being imprisoned; he can't stand to watch her die either.
It's not true that Seto is the only one who does the rescuing, because Kisara does the same. She does most of the rescuing in fact. It turned out that there's a powerful beast residing in Kisara, and she only uses it to protect Seto, not to herself. She saved him from the darkness he's trapped in; she saved him from mortal danger. Even when she was gone from this world, she continues to protect him.
No, it wasn't a story wherein the prince is the one who always rescues the damsel-in-distress. The girl, though she seemed weak and helpless, was the one who does most of the rescuing. I really love it that the rescuing was mutual.
He had only shed tears for her. She was the only woman whom he had held in his arms. His reincarnation turned out to have an obsession to the other her.
Their relationship may not be a romantic love, but there was definitely love, and whatever love it was, it was so strong and beautiful. It lasted for a very . . very long time.
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FA-  Simon x Nia (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann)
Sapphire Pyro: THIS is my top favorite couple of all times actually. I love everything in their story except for the part that Simon had a crush on another girl at first (and because of that things went so wrong . . Nooo! Kaminaaaa!) but starting from the time he met Nia, their meeting had been the beginning of a wonderful and adorable love story.
The boy rescued the girl from abandonment while she had rescued him from depression. Not everything's done by the guy; their relationship is mutual. Their chemistry had been so natural. And even in comical things they seem to be so meant to be (Only he can withstand her terrible cooking . .. he loves it in fact).
Sadly, when things seem to be doing well and you think it'll end happily ever after, there's been a twist to test their bond. In a way they have become star crossed lovers, but their bond was not completely broken; and THEIR LOVE WAS WHAT SAVED THE UNIVERSE (literally).
They had a bittersweet ending . . . it was beautiful and romantic, yet heartbreaking and tragic.
They made me delighted. They made me laugh. They made me amazed. They made me cry.
I love Simon and Nia. I love them as individuals. I love their story. Beautiful beyond words.

Searching for the Full Moon - Full Moon Final Live
IT - Takuto x Mitsuki (Full Moon o Sagashite)
xtine06: A love that transcends through different worlds! Because of their love with each other, the made certain sacrifices so that they one can be happy. Their sacrifices are really not easy to do and costs them really high but they didn't mind that. Their strong love for each other gave them the courage to do certain things for each other's sake. 
Another reason why I love them so much is because they are musically inclined couple! You know me guys, music is part of me and so stories like them really touches me so much. I am not that satisfied in the anime ending (though they ended to be still together) so I read the manga. The manga story line is much, much, much better but nonetheless, both media channel made me love them so much. What's even more amazing is that Takuto had his moment where he sung and boy, he captivated me during that moment! Takuto and Mitsuki really matches one another because they are bonded by music and songs that they both love so much. 
Takuto has a characteristic of my ideal man - one who is musically capable and not to mention that he is so handsome tooooo. 
General Reactions:
Sapphire Pyro: I ship a lot of pairings but among those I adore, there's really none so far that can rank together with my ultimate three. At least, not yet. Some might be surprised that I didn't include a certain pairing even though I'm obviously obsessed with it. Most probable reasons why I can't include them in my ultimate top yet are the following: 1) I only highly admire one among the pair, or don't like one of them as much as the other 2) The series is new, and there's not much about their story yet.
From my top three, it appears that the pairings that I like the most have a mutual relationship . . . they like each other, they help each other, they need each other, they admire each other, etc. They're both incredible in their own way. They are romantic but not exactly mushy.
It also appears that they are also part of . . .shounen series. Ahahaha . . . I like love stories from shows wherein the main genre isn't romance. So weird of me.
xtine06: Well, most of my favorite pairings are from shoujo anime and manga. Guess, I am really a sucker for that. I do have lots and lots of other pairings that I really, really, really love. The three that I listed above are just my favorites and hope to someday be like them. I think those three mirrors a little side of me or my experience that's why I get to like and love them. 
Well, that's it! I certainly felt the love when making that post. So how about you guys....who are your favorite pairings? Share the love by sharing your pair toooo. 


  1. I've tried to care about Kazehaya and Sawako, but I find I just don't care about 'em.. I'm really rooting for Ryu and Chizu.

    A few other pairings that I've always liked are:
    - Horo and Lawrence (Spice and Wolf)
    - Lafiel and Jinto (Crest/Banner of the Stars)
    - Lina Inverse and Gourry (Slayers)
    - Issac and Miria (Baccano)
    - Spike and Julia (Cowboy Bebop)

  2. I love Simon and Nia!! T_T ... wait a sec... is this why I like TTGL so much? o_O

    I'm going to sympathize with Faye, I wouldnt mind Spike and Faye couple either T_T.

    Issac and Miria, do they even realize they are a couple?

  3. Kyaaaa! Kazehaya x Sawako xD

    @ Hogart
    I like your favorite pairings too xD Well, I don't know about those I'm not familiar with though

    @ Dan
    TTGL is awesome even without the epic OTP so maybe that's not the only reason you love it xD Hahahahahaha!

    I think Isaac and Miria know that they are a couple . . . but more of an innocent/childish couple. They don't seem to be the type who makes serious plans for the future (like having a family, etc.) and stuff. Hehe

  4. seto x kisara is such a great pairing. i love them, especially how they reciprocate each other and help "balance" each other out. kisara's so sweet, and seto's so...well, seto.

    i also like how kaiba's still obsessed with the bewd, it's a nice concluding touch. <3

  5. @ lesjoursdete
    I really love the balance between this couple *_* I think both of them are sweet =3
    I also like it that his reincarnation is so obsessed with the dragon.... really shows how he couldn't get her off his mind even though he has his brother now (speaking of which, Mokuba's hairstyle is kinda similar to Kisara's....)

  6. Kyaa~! Simon and Nia... Their relationship is so painstakingly beautiful it makes it almost hard to 'ship this pairing... TT^TT Best. Pairing. Ever.