Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 43

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So, even Scar has the capacity to be funny at times! Hahahahha. I really love this moment..
Poor Yoki though. Hahahha

Episode 43: Ant's Bite

Even though Olivier is not around, Briggs managed to win in their fight against the Drachman army. The fight is really bloody, and is really in the plan of Kimblee of carving a bloddy crest a Briggs.

Back in Central, King Bradley and Hawkeye have a little talk and he asked her how she feels to have their leader and his son are homonculus. Hawkeye views the things as little game of house. But Bradley thinks that this is just a political game where everything is given to him except for his wife. He chose her on her own. 

In the north, Zampano (one of the chimera guys with Marcoh) met up with Envy. He lead Envy to Marcoh but it was all just a set up of Marcoh to lure Envy out. Marcoh tricked Envy that he hid mines inside the snow but in reality, it is just May and Al performing remote transmutation. Envy get so angry and transforms to his original form. Marcoh became his hostage but Marcoh, the man who did philosophers stone is also the person  who can destroy them. In effect, Envy became a tiny insect that is incapable of doing anything.

Now that Envy is captured, the group plans out what they will do next. Al is worried to find out that Ed has gone missing. But Al, being a matured person decides that he should continue moving forward. Scar on the other hand, decided to do his stuff and asked for Marcoh's help for that. May is not set to go home along with the small Envy so that she can save her clan. 

In Dublith, Bido (Greed's chimera) is still longing to see Greed after all this time. He overhears some soldiers looking for Izumi on Bradley's orders and decides to trail on them. 

On central, Olivier saws the doll army the military has kept, much to her surprise. Meanwhile, Al, Winry and Yoki goes to Lior to visit Rose and saw that Hoenheim is there. 

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