Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 44

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I like this Winry shot. This could qualify as my wallpaper soon. 
Anyway, I'd say that this is an episode of reunions. First Al and Hoenheim got to spend time together for the very first time and Bido and Greed met again after a long while.

Episode 44: Full Throttle

It is really an awkward moment for Al and Hoenheim to meet again. Hoenheim has not much to say to his son. He was also pulled away by the rebuilding effort. Al decides to help while Rose helped Winry by preparing a bath for her. Rose recounts her first meeting with the Elric Brothers and how they both helped the city to stand up on it own. 

In Central, Bido got lost and somehow managed to see the dolls prepared by the military. He ran out of fear and ran into Greed. 

In Lior, Al and Hoenheim got a little chat and they revealed what they both know. On one point, Hohenheim brings up the possibility that he personally is on the Homunculus side, but he’s also grateful that Al trusts him. He decides to tell Al everything, though he wishes that Ed were there too to hear it.

Wonder what happened to Ed? Well, the chimera he is with made a withdrawal in Ed's account to pay for his medical treatment and to keep the doctors' mouth shot. When the military conducted a search, Ed just arrived. His hair is down and is wearing a while robe but he got really angry when the military asked him if he saw someone with golden, braided hair, wearing a red robe and is small. 

Ed and the chimera guys escape in a car and they got away by transmuting the car's looks. When the got away, Ed plans to catch up with Al and Winry and thinks about where could he go. 

Back to Hoenheim and Al's talk, Al expressed his intention of destroying the underground tunnel but got a warning from his father that Pride lurks somewhere there. He told them not to hurry since the fated day has not yet arrived. 

In Central, Bido and the new Greed gets reunited. But Greed doesn't recognize Bido at all. Unfortunately, he kills Bido and suddenly, Greed gets a flashback of his old life. Inside Greed, we see Ling confronting Greed why he killed his friends. Ling tells him that friends are connected by heart not by soul. This shocks Greed as he continuously gets a series of flashbacks about his previous life.

Later, he arrives at King Bradley’s house and attacks the Homunculus in front of his family.

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