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Naruto Shippuudden - Episode 134-138 (Part 1)

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Similar to what I did last time, this will be a compiled post. This time, we will focus on Itachi Uchiha. This the first part of my post regarding Itachi.

Anyway, I will cover the following episodes for this post:

Episode 134: Banquet Invitation
Episode 135: The Longest Moment
Episode 136: The Light and Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan
Episode 137: Amaterasu!
Episode 138: End

The highlight of this 5 episodes is about Sasuke and Itachi's long awaited confrontation. Though this ended tragically, yes....Itachi died, (No! it really is a pain to see this part animated. I really feel for Itachi), revelation about Itachi's ability and the truth about what he did in the past will finally be revealed to the world, especially to the non-manga reading people.

Since we are just on the first part, I will focus on Itachi's ability and his death.

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Mangekyo Sharingan

We all know that Itachi possessed this level of Sharingan. The Mangekyo Sharingan is the highest form of Sharingan that one can get. This form of Sharingan enables one to use high level and forbidden techniques.

As a requirement before one can can get the Mangekyo Sharingan, one must kill his best friend since the pain will be the key to opening this ability. It is important to note that one must feel the pain of losing someone. Watching the friend die is not enough to unlock the Mangekyo.

Itachi obtained his Mangekyo because he killed Shisui Uchiha, his best friend. The details of his death is not yet disclosed except that he is found dead in the Nagano River.

Possessing this type of Sharingan is like a double edged sword. An effect of this type of eye will eventually cause the blindness of the user and can only be cured if the eyes will be transplanted from someone who also wields the same eyes, thus further completing its form to make it the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Because of the Mangekyo, Itachi can perform three powerful jutsu:

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One of Itachi's deadly abilities is the Tsukiyomi. This is the most powerful genjutsu existing. This genjutsu will trap the victim in an illusion controlled by the user. When Itachi uses the Tsukiyomi, he can extend the victim's concept of time. He is able to make the genjutsu seem to last for days when in fact it only lasts a few moments. This allows him to torture the target for what seems like days on end, causing mental trauma that will render them unable to fight for an extensive period of time. Such powerful technique requires a huge amount of chakra.

It is Itachi's left eye that he can use Tsukiyomi.

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Itachi also possesses the highest level of Fire Release Technique, the Amaterasu. The flames of Amaterasu is jet black and is said to be as hot as the sun and can ignite anything and everything the user is targeting upon. They are known to be unavoidable and the flames will not extinguish until the target is burned to death. They can burn for 7 days and 7 nights cannot be extinguished by normal means. This technique, again causes strain to the eyes making it bleed.

It is said that Itachi's right eye possesses the Amaterasu.

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This technique awakens after one uses Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu. This technique uses a spiritual being that protects and surrounds the user. This technique also strains the user because they act as the medium for the spirit allowing it to consume their life force energy. It is a rarity for a Mangekyo Sharingan user to use Susanoo.

Itachi's version of the Susanoo is a yamabushi. It wields the sacred Yata no Kagami (Eight Span Mirror) as a shield in its left and the legendary Totsuka no Tsurugi (Ten Hands Long Swords) in its right hand. The mirror is capable of reflecting all types of attack and the sword, also known as the Sakenagi no Tachi (Sake Cutter Longsword) is sheathed in a sake jar held by a third hand growing from Susanoo's right forearm. It is an ethereal weapon capable of sealing anything it pierces in a "world of drunken dreams" for all eternity.

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Itachi vs. Orochimaru

Since Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru in his body and Sasuke maxed out all of his chakra, he forced to draw out some chakra from Orochimaru to survive the battle with Itachi. Because of this, Orochimaru's Eight Head Snakes came out from Sasuke's body as well the spirit of Orochimaru. Orochimaru faced Itachi claiming that he can now gain control over Sasuke's body. But before Orochimaru can do that, Itachi stabbed him with the legendary Totsuka no Tsurugi, thus sealing him a world of drunken dreams.

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Itachi's death

Itachi died in the hands of Sasuke. Before dying he gave some parting words to his little brother and poked him just like he usually does. Ironically, Itachi died with smiles on his face. What does that mean? I will explain in my next Naruto post!!

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Uchiha Madara

Since his name was constantly mentioned by Itachi, might as well give him a small introduction. Madara is the founder of Konoha and one of the first generation Uchiha clan member.

Eighty years before the start of the series, Madara grew up in constant competition with his younger brother, Izuna Uchiha, who were both known as the most gifted members of their clan. Their competition led to both gaining the Mangekyo Sharingan, and, with it, they were able to take control of the Uchiha clan, Madara acting as its leader. Even by his clan's standards, Madara's chakra was unusually strong. Under his leadership, the clan conquered all they came across, but, over time, he began to lose his sight because of the Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan. To regain his vision, he took his brother's eyes (an act Madara said his brother had consented to), allowing him to continue to lead the Uchiha to prosperity.

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Sasuke's new Techinique: Kirin

Kirin is an extremely powerful, one shot technique that uses lightning. It travels at a speed of 1/1000th of a second, making it impossible if not hard to dodge. The user uses lightning formed by the clouds to supplement his power and controls it with his own chakra.

Well this is it for now. Please watch out for the Part 2 of my post for more revelations about Itachi and his past. ^^

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