Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 478 - 479

Chapter 478: Susanoo's Final Version
Chapter 479: Izanagi

~ It seems that the anime is closely at par with the current manga plot. In this two new chapters of Naruto, new revelations were made about Danzou and Sasuke. ~

Chapter 478 highlights:
  • The vision of Itachi seen by Danzou is only Sasuke's Tsukiyomi.
  • Sasuke's planned attack is stopped when Danzou activated his cursed seal, binding Sasuke in place.
  • Then Danzou called Sasuke as Itachi's only failure as he cannot bring himself to kill his one and only little brother.
  • With this, Sasuke is angered and was able to force his Susanoo into perfection, freeing him of his cursed seal.
  • Sasuke's version of Susanoo is different from Itachi. His Susanoo uses bow and arrow as compared to the yamabushi version of Itachi. Susanoo takes his shot to Danzou which forces Danzou to use Mukuton (Wood Release), which Danzou gained from Orochimaru after experimenting with the First Hokage's DNA.
  • Madara from afar watches and concludes that the Sharingans on the arm of Danzou and with the DNA of the First Hokage, Danzou has the ability to forcibly control the Kyuubi and thus, like Akatsuki, is also after Naruto.
  • The chapter ended with Madara concluding that Danzou's collection of Sharingan enabled him to use the forbidden jutsu of the Uchiha clan, the Izanagi.
Chapter 479 highlights:
  • What is the Izanagi? Izanagi is an ability of a Sharingan user deemed forbidden by the Uchiha clan. It's a form of genjutsu an individual can cast on himself. This jutsu removes the boundaries between reality and illusion, allowing the user to reinforce the vision of reality on himself.
  • Izanagi's effect varies from user to user but seems to involve the ability transform negative events a dream or illusion and a positive event to be a reality.
  • Danzou can forcibly use the jutsu for 60 seconds, thanks to Orochimaru's experiments because this jutsu's sustainability varies from person to person.
  • A side effect of the Izanagi is that after the Izanagi ends, the caster will forever be blinded from using this jutsu.
  • Danzou has been using Izanagi to make his injuries an illusion and his attacks to be reality. He had 10 Sharingan eyes implanted on his arms so that he can use Izanagi more than once. This is how Danzou survives every fatal attack that comes his way.
  • Since Danzou is not an original Uchiha, using Izanagi requires a huge amount of chakra so he always try to conserve them. In an effort to finish off Sasuke ASAP, Danzou summoned a Baku, an elephant chimera with tiger like limbs and has the power of suction on his mouth.
  • A comment of Madara says that the tapir eats dreams and nightmares.
  • With the suction power of the tapir, Sasuke uses a fire jutsu as fire is stronger against the wind.
  • Karin, on the other hand, also understands the secret of Danzou's jutsu and tolds Sasuke prompting Danzou to have no choice but to kill.
  • Danzou is down with his last Sharingan and they both (Sasuke and Danzou) clashed with each other while being impaled with chakra nature blades.

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