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Naruto Shippuudden - Episode 129-133

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Instead of me detailing what happened in this arc, I prefer that I discuss what happened.

Episode 129: Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain
Episode 130: The Man Who Became God
Episode 131: Honored Sage Mode
Episode 132: In Attendance, the 6 Paths of Pain
Episode 133: The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

~ Now its time for us discuss more about Jiraiya, Pain and Naruto!~
~This is my favorite part of the manga!!! Finally, it is already animated.~

Before I get to Jiraiya, let me first give a brief background about Pain, the Akatsuki's Leader:

Nagato and Pain:

Pain is the recognized leader of Akatuki and Amegakure. He is actually Nagato, one of the Amegakure orphans Jiraiya took care in his early days as ninja. He has the Rinnegan eyes, the source of his huge amount of chakra. The story of Pain and his friends are all discussed in my previous post. What I will be focusing on is Nagato's jutsu:

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6 Paths of Pain

Nagato's ability is based on his Rinnegan. The 6 Paths of Pain enable him to control 6 different bodies and this serves as his representation every time there is an Akatsuki meeting. Each bodies are reanimated corpses which were only kept mobile by Nagato's chakra.

All bodies controlled by Pain has bright orange hair and Rinnegan eyes. Each body has a purpose in every battle and it can only do one thing at a time such as summoning, repair and defense. Each path of Pain is somehow related to Jiraiya at one point of his life.

When Nagato uses his Paths in battle, he can gain a vision advantage because Nagato can see through their eyes at the same time. So this creates an ideal environment as he can fight without having any blind spot.

We shall now meet the different Paths of Pain. For this post, I will not reveal the other abilities of the other Paths until it is the proper time for them.

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1. Deva Path
~ Body of Yahiko, one of the orphans Jiraiya took care before. This is the most used Path of Nagato as this is the one he used to represent himself in Akatsuki meetings. It abilities revolves around manipulating gravity, allowing it to repel or attract objects.

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2. Animal Path
~Jiraiya managed to kill this path and was sent to Konoha for study. The path is an original Fuuma clan member who encountered Jiraiya before. Jiraiya gave this person a scar in their encounter and the scar is usually obstructed by the forehead protector. This path's ability is to summon creatures that will be used for battle.

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3. Preta Path
~ Previously a ninja and a farmer from Kusagakure, this path's main ability is to absorb chakra. This is the main line defense of Nagato in his battles due to this ability. The Preta Path can nullify all kinds of chakra and energy from all directions.

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4. Human Path
~ He is originally a tall, slender man from Takigakure. The Human Path is damaged by Jiraiya when he battled Pain. The eyes were damaged and it was left unable to see.

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5. Asura Path
~ A puppeteer with insight to the world. His abilities is quite unique as the body is like an android and body alteration. He can launch his body parts to his target as a projectile. He was able to sever Jiraiya's left arm.

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6. Naraka Path
~ The body once belonged to all muscular man with a massive strength.

That's all I gotta say about Pain and Nagato, for now. More about Nagato will be later on discussed as the episodes come.

Jiraiya's Death

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Sad to say but yes, the Pervy Sage met his death when he battled Pain. I was shocked when I found about it too~ ;_;

Anyway, as Jiraiya infiltrated the Amagakure, he captures two ninja, one was sent to Konoha for interrogation with Ibiki. After finding out that Hanzou the Salamander was killed, he decided to leave Naruto the key to the nine tails before anything else happens to him.

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Jiraiya first found Konan and then later on Pain arrived. Jiraiya recognized him as his student based on the Rinnegan eyes. He entered his Sage Mode to fight Pain. Sage Mode, in a nutshell is the use of the ninja's normal chakra in perfect balance to improve one's abilities. More about this technique will be discussed, again as the need comes.

Even though Jiraiya is in his best mode, he still had a hard time to fight Pain. He was handicapped when the Asura Path ambushed him and severed his left arm. Asura joined the other paths, including the first three that Jiraiya previously fought. Doing the most that he could, Jiraiya managed to kill and capture the Animal path, and orders Shima to take it to Konoha, before heading out one last time to see if he could figure out the secret behind Pain.

Jiraiya's discovery

Befoe he died, Jiraiya discovered the truth about Pain's ability. That's the reason I discussed it before disclosing the fact the Jiraiya died knowing this truth. However, his throat was crushed, leaving him unable to speak. What he did was to send a coded message to Konoha which contains the very important information about Pain.

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As Jiraiya dies he remembers his life and he compares himself to the "Frog at the bottom of the well... Drifts off into the Great Ocean" calling it a more honorable death and realizing that he needed a title for his next book. Finding the "Tale of Naruto Uzumaki" perfect he dies with a smile while sinking into the watery depths of the battlefield.

So that's it guys! I promise to reveal more as the episodes come but for now, please make do of what I have presented~~

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