Thursday, December 31, 2009

Detective Conan - Episode 539

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Episode 539: Fool's Inheritance

~ A DC episode to close this year, 2009~

Summary (from Wikipedia)

While on a walk, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro heard a gunshot from a house. While heading to investigate, Kogoro was unable to catch a masked man that runs past them. Conan finds a dead man with dried blood and white powdery substance on his shirt. The man, Hisaemon Yaguchi, is revealed to have died hours ago and his three sons are the suspects to the murder. After investigating the three suspects, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and with his voice changing bow-tie, reveals that the murder was an accident. Conan reveals that the eldest son Rokuro Yaguchi witnessed his father's death through the webcam. The video shows that Hisaemon had a myocardial infarction and accidentally shot himself. Conan also reveals that after his son tried to rob his safe, he cried in sorrow as evidenced by the salt on Hisaemon. Once the police were able to open Hisaemon's safe, they find a loan contract to which the money went to his sons.

What I think about this episode:

After the oh-so-great episode with Kaitou Kid-sama, Detective Conan is back to its usual filler episodes. This is not a really long episode and the case was solved instantly, all thanks to the detective deduction skills of Conan.

Anyway, I really pity the victim who died because at the very end, he tried his very best to conceal to his sons that he himself is already out of cash and he cannot support the luxury lives of his children. But greed has already taken the hearts of his son that they need to have their own father to die just so they can realize the real treasure: the time they all spent together as a family.

In the father's vault, hidden in there are loan contracts and a portrait that shows their family who once lived together happily. Well, I find this to be really sweet and somehow sad because his sons did not treasure the same things that he treasure in his life.

Anyway, the next episode is interesting since this one will tell the tale as to why Detective Mouri Kogoro quit his job as a detective.

Minna, please so watch for it! Will watch it as soon as I can, yokosoku!!! :)

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