Saturday, December 26, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Do not Speak to me of Itachi

~WTF, Itachi is alive???!!!!~

Chapter 477 highlights:
  • The fight continues between Sasuke and Danzou.
  • Danzou's ability is that he can avoid any attempt of Sasuke to kill him. Karin notes that he is not using any bunshin nor are they in a genjutsu. He seems to have been killed multiple times. Whenever this occurs, one of the numerous Sharingan on his arm shuts itself.
  • Sasuke is using all of his abilities. He is protected by Susanoo and is using Amaterasu to match Danzou's ability.
  • But of all Danzou's lines, this one is really stricking: " while your powers are the same, what your eyes discern are different...the truth of Itachi and its implications isn't important enough to you/ You lie in the grip of hate, just wanting to lash out/ Making the sacrifice of the Uchiha clan for naught"
  • In the end, Sasuke was able to cut off Danzou's Sharingan hands.
  • But, Itachi's figure appeared and this left Danzou (and me) in a big shock.

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