Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 36 - 37

Episode 36: Family Portrait
Episode 37: The First Homonculus

~Finally I caught up!!!!~

Episode 36:
We get a glimpse of the life Hoenheim had when he is still living with Trisha and the young Ed and Al. It is really kinda sweet that behind the cold and emotionless face of Hoenheim lies the heart of a father and a husband who grew tired of immortality. The fact that he now has a family and has found the love his life, he wanted to become mortal again - to live and die with the people that he now treasure in his hearts. That is the reason why he left and promised to come back. He wants to seek mortality and find a way so that he will not call himself a monster anymore. But before he left, Trisha made sure that they will get a family picture. Trisha told him that when the time comes, she will be old and will look like a monster too. This touched Hoenheim so much that he cried while the picture was taken.

Meanwhile, back at Briggs, the soldiers in the tunnel are bothered by the mysterious shadow that kills their comrades. Lt. General Raven, on the other hand is still fooled by the lady Armstrong's false support, asked her to return Sloth so that he can continue digging. Sloth continues to do so and Olivier kills Raven! Free from Raven around, a secret tunnel was revealed which was done by Ed previously in case a similar situation happens.


Kimblee also arrives in the scene and he is assisted by Miles, an Ishbalan. Miles stalls Kimblee by brining back the bloody Ishbalan past. Kimblee brings Winry over to see Ed and Al, reminding them of their place. Meanwhile, Scar reunites with Marcoh and May, and Roy gets information and a message from Olivier from his intel sources.

Episode 37:

Well, the complete list of homonculus are now complete. The last homonculus finally appeared. Pride, the first ever homonculus is actually Selim, the Fuhrer President's son. On the facade, he is a sweet young boy but in reality, he is the homonculus who moves in the shadow. And guess what, this was discovered by Riza Hawkeye who visited the President's house to hand over some documents. Pride introduced himself to her.

Back to Briggs, Ed has his automail changed to adopt to the cold environment. After the change, Kimblee and Ed had a talk. Kimblee has three tasks for Ed as ordered by the Fuhrer President:
  • Look after Scar
  • Look after Marcoh
  • Create a bloody crest similar to Ishbal in Briggs
Of course, Ed refuses but Kimblee used his selfish side. He tempted him by offering him his Philosopher's Stone. Surely, this get Ed thinking and wants to discuss it with Al and Winry. After telling Al and Winry all about it, he grudgingly accepts the job, though doesn't intend to use the stone himself. As Ed and Al go to search for Scar, their real intent to find May as well, Winry decides to accompany them.

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