Saturday, December 26, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 710-711

To all DC fans here's the first part of my gift to you. Please watch out for the other gift especially to all Kaitou Kid fans!!!!

Chapter 710: Raise and then Lower
Chapter 711: The Best Birthday

~ Kogoro earned a kiss from Kisaki this time~

Chapter 710 highlights:
  • Judging from the rigor mortis and the postmortem lividity, the estimated time of death of Kokubu-san is from 10:00-11:00 PM
  • The case become a locked room murder case because when Kisaki returned to her room, the corpse is not there but when she went out of the shower, she already saw the corpse lying near her bed.
  • Conan noticed that the stains in the bedsheet is weird since the the carpet below it didn't have signs that it had blood stains.
  • This proves that the bed was moved in order to hide the corpse. So it can be assumed that at the time when Kisaki entered her room, the murderer and the corpse are under the bed hiding and while she is in the shower, the murderer moved the corpse so that it will be exposed.
  • The mystery now lies on how the bed was carried since you will need at least two people to carry it.
  • Another clue, on the foot of the bed, the small blood stains are equidistant from each other.
  • Suspects for the crime are: Kokubu Takehito, the victim's husband who collects model cars as a hobby, Hino Midori, the stalker's mother and the stalker himself, Hino Seiji.
Chapter 711 highlights:
  • Kogoro wants to impress Kisaki and is itching to solve the case. With this, Conan decided to let it off the hook and let Kogorou take the limelight FOR NOW.
  • So Conan is back to giving Kogoro hints so that he can solve the case.
  • What Conan did is to point out that: (1) Wheels are used to carry heavy objects with ease and (2) by accidentally on purpose staining the wheel with ketchup, it will leave stains on the floor that are equidistant from each other, similar to the blood stains left on the crime scene.
  • With this, Kogoro is on the move to reveal the culprit.
  • The victim Kokubu is already in Kisaki's room when Kisaki returned from her dinner.
  • To carry the heavy bed, the culprit used model cars, specifically the convertible Porsche 550 Spyder so that one can stick the bed leg into its opening.
  • The murder weapon is the ashtray in one of the rooms.
  • To force Kisaki to taking a shower, the culprit shook all sodas in the fridge so that when one is opened, it will spill on the person. Of course, this is all under the assumption that Kisaki will come back drunk and would want water immediately.
  • A short time later, after luminol test is used on the ashtray, the culprit admitted the crime.
  • The culprit, it's Takehiko-san! The cause of the fight was because his wife wants him dead already so that she can get all the fortune his husband has.
  • And as for the present of Kogoro, the reason why he is delaying the gift is because he wants to heighten the moment before giving the actual gift.
  • But even so, Kisaki got the gift and gave his husband a kiss on the cheek.
  • BUT, Kogoro gave the wrong gift! He misplaced it with the gift Poirot manager asked him. The necklace is still with Kogoro. I guess, he will have to give it next time.

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