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Detective Conan Movie 13: Raven Chaser

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Finally, a member of the Black Organization finds out about Conan's true identity!!!

Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

~ Of all Conan movies, this definitely my MOST favorite movie of ALLLL~


This is a very detailed description of what happened throughout the movie.


Of all the DC movies I ever, ever watched, this is where I got really excited since this is where everyone's feared for happened. A member of the Black Organization got to know his deepest and darkest secret and it was on the brink of the being revealed to the other organization members.

I think the important question is HOW did that person managed to find the relationship between Conan and Shinichi. And the answer to the question is through fingerprint scanning. A very simple way but biometrics cannot lie the true identity of the person. A fingerprint match was found and then, as easy as that Conan's true identity as Kudo Shinichi got revealed.

But in the end, the person who knew the secret died because Gin killed him. A typical bad guy who kills their comrade, code name Irish, the one who got to knew the secret of Conan through Shianti

Shinichi doesn't want Irish to be dead so he comes to help. But because Gin spotted his shoes and he shoots but Irish used his remaining energy to protect Conan. Much to Conan's dismay, Irish dies. He can finally find the solution to his problem and it was gone like a bubble. Before Irish breath his last, he challenged Shinichi to continue to go and come after them.

What is also notable is Gin's reaction when the name Kudo Shinichi was mentioned. It's as if he cannot instantly remember him due to the number of people that he finished. So this gives us the idea that the Black Organization has not yet thought of Conan as a threat to their plans. So it is pretty much safe to assume that Conan's disguise is working and that he should just go on as planned. Well, Vermouth hasn't revealed to Gin what she knows about Conan because she holds a high respect for him.

The whole Movie 13 is just a big teaser trailer of what could happen when Detective Conan finally ends in the future. Of course, I expect that when the time comes that Black Organization comes face to face with Shinichi, more action, greater suspense would be presented. Until that time comes, all I can do is to wait and be excited.

I would gladly recommend this movie to everyone especially to DC fans! This is another rare plot related movie of Detective Conan that fans like me should enjoy!

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