Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 471

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Chapter 471: Tailed Beast, Version 2

~ The Battle of Bee and Kisame starts~

Chapter Highlights:
  • As the fight between Bee and Kisame starts, Bee uses the Tail Beast's Cloak to counter the ability of his opponent.
  • But, Samehada is only absorbing his chakra, and that makes his attacks futile and useless.
  • It seems that Samehada has a life of its own.
  • In summary, Kisame is called a Jinchuriki without a tail. Why?
  • "If my opponent is strong, I'll become stronger in proportion to that strength... I will neither get tired, nor break down.", as explained by Kisame himself.
  • Thus, "If the battle is prolonged, I'll shave off [your chakra] and weaken you as much as it's prolonged... but, the shaved off parts will rapidly strengthen me."

  • To completely defeat Kisame, Bee needs to get Kisame's hands off to the Samehada.
  • Kisame challenged him if he can do so since he is now fused with Samehada

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