Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Queen

~ No matter how busy I am, I am still finding time for my precious Kaname-sama~

Chapter Highlights:
  • It was Sara who killed Ouri-sama. She confessed to Takuma who was with her in the car. In effect, she got Ouri-sama's ability.
  • After the party, Aidou and Yuuki got home and they started to study. But those purebloods visited Yuuki to get close to her, and were shooed away by Aidou.
  • Among the visitors are Shiki and Rima who dropped. Yuuki invited them to a cup of tea but they declined and just passed a message from Ichijou - take care of Kaname. Yuuki got sad that they had to leave early but Shiki reassured her that he declined the invitation for tea not because he dislikes her or anything.
  • Then Kaname arrived and got really angry since he strictly ordered Aidou not to open the door. He got really angry that he punished both Yuuki and Aidou. Aidou was tasked to count the total number of peas in their pantry.
  • As for Yuuki, there's no way Kaname would make her do punishments so she only had a talked with Kaname about the history of the purebloods until he got asleep.
  • In the end, Yuuki decided to refuse to not let anyone have their lives killed.

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