Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison

~ Kisame's pretty gooooooddddddd~

Chapter Highlights:
  • Killer Bee decides to run away with Ponta and Sabu-chan but the water moves with Kisame in the center, so if he swims after them, they can't reach the air.
  • Then, Hachibi suggested that they leave Sabu and Ponta so that they can Lure Kisame to come after them, thus they can save the two from drowning. But Kisame didn't give in and decided to follow Ponta instead.
  • As usual, Killer Bee comes to rescue but it was all a trap for him. Kisame attacked him that forced him to go on a lower bijuu version.
  • Ponta and Sabu are able to escape from the water and rushes to save Killer Bee
  • Killer Bee uses octopus ink to be able to escape from Kisame but the fusion of Samehada and Kisame has the ability to see chakra.
  • Kisame finally gets Killer Bee and Bee is not moving. He is already not in his fusion mode and is approaching Bee to cut off his feet.
  • Samehada liked Killer Bee Chakra so much, it wants to make him its new master. It tries to heal Killer Bee with Chakra stolen from Kisame, but Kisame kicks it off.
  • Kisame grabs a sword of Killer Bee stuck into the earth, and gets ready to stab him.

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