Monday, October 12, 2009

White Album - Episode 14

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Page 14:
I've never been able to tune properly
I can't stop thinking that it could sound better.

~ This is the start of my fall season anime.~

The end of March seems just like yesterday since we are now able to watch the second season of White Album. For continuity purposes, I prefer my episode numberings to start with 14 onwards. Season 2 starts with episode 14.

We go back in time to the Christmas eve of 1986 and Touya's father was in the hospital. If you are also wondering what happened between the showdown of Ogata and Sakura productions, Ogata won. It was in the newspaper the success of Ogata Productions much to the disappointment of the other.

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Yuuki then runs to the hospital to see Touya's father but again, they didn't meet. Touya went home to get things for his father. The only person she saw was Misaki who informed her that Touya's father got heart problems. It was also revealed that Touya never knew about his father's condition. Yuki cried upon hearing this and Misaki conforted her that it was Touya who pains the most. They were interrupted by a nurse, asking them if they are relatives to which Misaki answered yes.

Touya's dad and Yuki met. Well, they haven't much of a converstation. It only ended with "I will tell Touya you dropped by" especially when Misaki came and called Yuki since Yayoi is already there. Touya arrives and he got angry at his father for not letting Yuki stay longer. His father reasoned out that Yuki is busy and have to go but Touya got angry saying that a normal father would her his son's girlfriend stay for a little while. The arguement got heated that it caught the attention of Misaki. Misaki called for Touya and reminded him that he is already talking to much and their arguement is the very reason why he is in the hospital right now.

As for the Sakura girls who lost in the competition, one of them Menou is living in misery. President Kanzaki found her living worthlessly in an apartment full of trash. She was thrown into a storeroom until she learns from her mistakes and realizes what happened. This was still under the orders of Kanzaki who is not willing to give up even after her loss.

Another thing that I find weird is the relationship between Rina and his brother. It seems that he is focusing too much on Yuuki and starts ignoring his sister. In their meeting, Rina asks if she won and he coldly replies that if the SHE refers to Yuki. I am with Rina in slapping his brother since who the hell would want to be answered like that. She asks nicely and all I get is weird reply? It really does merit a big SLAP on the face.

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Another weird thing was that the painting that Eiji won from President Kanzaki. It looks like Rina and why is he crying when he is looking at it? What's with that picture that made him want to get it for his own? Another is the man who is walking down the street and starts to cry after seeing a painting in a gallery?

Now this is the most shocking thing for this episode. Yuuki is about to go back to the hospital but decides to comeback simply because she saw Yayoi's car there. Yayoi was indeed there and she and Touya make love in a dark hospital room..

"Replacement...Just for tonight...You're Yuki"

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