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Spice And Wolf II- Episode 7 - 8

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Spice and Wolf Double Post!

Episode 7: Wolf and the Days of Fooling Around
Episode 8:
Wolf and the Fascinating Traveler

Before I proceed with the fall anime, let me first finish my summer series.

Episode 7:
Lawrence and Horo maker their way to Renose, a port town known for its wood and fur. Lawrence notices a strange gathering of men as they are entering the city, and he receives a small tablet without which he cannot sell anything in the town. The two stay the night at an inn, and Lawrence runs into a mysterious cloaked person a couple of times who is also staying at the inn. The next morning when this same stranger passes by them, Lawrence is shocked to hear from Holo the stranger is a woman. Lawrence and Horo ask the inn keeper about someone knowledgeable with legends of town, and he recommends a man named Rigolo, a man taking part in the meeting Lawrence saw as he and Holo entered the town. Lawrence, who is curious about the town's strange happenings, plans to investigate further, though promises Holo he will not dig too deep.

Episode 8:
At the port, Horo reveals to Lawrence. that there is some unrest with the sellers on the ships since they cannot sell their fur in the city for the time being. Lawrence goes out and gets some information regarding the town from a local bar maid and he tells Holo of his suspicions about a large organization behind the whole ordeal. After Holo falls asleep, Lawrence goes to talk with the innkeeper and is interrupted by the same cloaked stranger he has been seeing lately. Lawrence follows the stranger to another room where they have a private conversation and Lawrence reveals he knows that she is a woman. The stranger introduces herself as Fleur Bolan, though she goes by Eve Bolan when doing business, though at the same time dislikes the name Bolan. Eve and Lawrence talk some more and Eve wishes to talk with Lawrence in length again.

Forgive me if I cannot give my reactions per episode due to my very busy life right now. I just entered the teaching world and so my world is like spinning a 360 degree turn not to mention some outside projects that I have all thanks to my very supportive and loving former thesis adviser who wants me be so busy in life because he has plans for me. But my love for anime wouldn't decrease and so here I am catching up with everything ^^

Anyway, what is very amusing in this episode is how sweet the two of them are. Lawrence have started to recognize the way he feels for Horo and Horo enjoys it so much! You can see Lawrence blushing from time to time and Horo playfully likes it. They are acting like couples right now and that is what I really love since I've been rooting for their pairing since Season 1. But Lawrence still has lots to learn on how to flirt with Horo but how he is right now is a big start for him.

Anyway, this final arc of the series seems to be pretty interesting and I feel a lot would happen. I took the liberty of checking out the spoilers and yessss it is really interesting! I gotta say that this arc would post a challenge to the relationship between the two. There will be clash towards Lawrence's dream to own a retail shop between Horo's longingness to go home to Yoitsu. How will these be resolved....we will all find out in the few episodes to come.

Episode 8 focuses on how Lawrence considers every rumour as an opportunity for him to earn money. Well, the town of Renose has temporarily suspended all of its fur related transactions. One good highlight of Episode 8 was Lawrence got the opportunity to chat with the mysterious female merchant, Abe who had a little screen cameo in the previous episode. Just like any conversation of Lawrence, he was able to close a deal with Abe so that he will be introduced to Rigolo, the chronicler of Rigolo so that he will get to know the legends to get hints about Horo's hometown.

In the next few episodes, expect an economically rich Spice and Wolf together with elements of love and mystery!

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