Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 26

Episode 26: Reunion

So sorry for the major delays. Life has been soooo soooo soooo soooo busy right now.

This by far is the most touching episode of FMA that I have ever watched so far. My most favorite is the last part of the episode when the series is about to end but anywayyy...


I really felt sad for the souls trapped inside Envy. They are all pleading for help and wanting to die. As per Envy, these souls do not already remember who they were in their previous life and how was it like to live. Ed was also able to realize that lives of people are the main ingredients of the Philosophers Stone. And this implies that the people of Xerxes were the ones who were used as ingredients and Envy does not deny that fact.


Another interesting thing is the history of King Bradley that he narrated to Roy Mustang. It turns out, he became a homonculus as result of combining Philospher's Stone and a human body. He grew up in a training facility for candidate Fuhrers. Other candidates died because of the experiment and he was only one who survived. Perhaps, he can be called as the boy who survived.


So you are wondering how Ed, Ling and Envy went out from Gluttony's stomach? Ed's intelligence saved them all. Ed realized that the stone mural he saw at the Xerxes ruins and from those inside Gluttony's stomach is a human transmutation circle. Basically, the idea is construct and reconstruct himself so that gate would be opened and thus returning back to the real world. As Ed has opened the gate and he needs a toll for exchange, he used some souls attached to Envy and he could hear their heartfelt thanks. Finally, their souls were laid to rest.


As Ed faces the gate, he saw Al's body. The hair is already long and the body is already so thin and malnourished. Ed tries to go and get Al's body but it said that he cannot go since he is not Al's soul. The gate closes but Ed fights his way to open it for a while, giving a promise that one day he will be back to take him back.


Speaking of Al, he is still with the very stupid and shallow Gluttony. They are still on their way to meet Father and they are being followed by Scar and May Chang who is looking for Shao May.

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