Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Beginning of the Beginning

~Kaname-sama!!!!!!Damn he's HOT~
  • It seems something big is about to happen. As the events happen, it sounded like the party is just a facade but a very important matter is about and/or is happening.
  • Yori and Yuuki finally met and talked for a while, thanks to Kaname-sama.
  • Zero and Yuuki finally met, too but they are so cold with each other.
  • ICHIJOU is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it But according to him, he still wants to keep the current situation for now. He opted not to go and not see Kaname, at the current at least.
  • Sara and Kaname-sama has a tension between the two of them. They are trying to corner each other but Kaname-sama is so good ^^
  • Only Kaname-sama knows what is happening and I think he will explain soon.

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