Saturday, October 31, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: The Sakura in Full Bloom

~ I am sorry for posting this at a very late time :( My life have been so busy.~

The case comes to a close in this chapter. The chapter highlights are as follows:
  • The culprit is Kodama Ryuusuke, a former Koshien Hero who got his shoulder injured.
  • The woman-like figure was because he was holding his injured shoulder that when in the shadows, looks like a woman's breast. Not to mention that there was female snatcher lurking around the area.
  • the 0 and 9 that Kobayashi-sensei saw are not numbers but rather are letters. The truck that has the name Osaka Nico-Nico Transportation, thus the 9 and 0 are part of the letters that were just blocked off by the walls.
  • And the reason for the kill? The victim loaned Ryuusuke 5 million yen so that he can supported for his baseball dream. The victim was a die hard baseball fan and after seeing potential in Ryuusuke, she offered her help. Ever since Ryuusuke got injured, this view changed and demanded for her money back. She urged Ryuusuke to get a life insurance and so when they met, she said that she will kill him to get the insurance money. But of course, Ryuusuke didn't let that happen and killed her instead.
As for Kobayashi and Shiratori, they are now together and the chapter ended with Shiratori enjoying a bentou from Kobayashi.

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