Friday, October 9, 2009

Finished Anime: Valkyria Chronicles

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Valkyria Chronicles

Type: TV | Episodes: 26 | Aired: Apr 4, 2009 to Sep 26, 2009 | Genres: Action, Drama, Romance
Producer: A-1 Pictures | Main Cast: Marina Inoue (Alicia Melchiott) and Susumu Chiba (Welkin Gunter)
Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto | Original Creator: Sega | Series Composition: Michiko Yokote | Music: Hitoshi Sakemoto | Character Design: Atsuko Watanabe

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[this is for Faldio =)]

I love this show simply because Faldio is there. That's the most basic reason why I kept watching this series up to the very end.

Well, this is again not part of my priority anime of the previous season but it became a priority when Faldio appeared in the episodes. He is the only person that I follow through every episode so I feel so sad when I cannot see him.

But aside from Faldio, the story and the animation is also good. I never thought that I will be liking this at all. Though I admit that at first I got bored but when the action started I got hooked up especially when the twist about Alicia's Valkyur past was revealed. But I think the pacing of the story was very slow when Alicia was just a normal and ordinary person. But when she became the Valkyrian warrior, everything went fast like she was promoted and her screentime would only focus on the battlefield. I think it would be best if they gave more emphasis to Alicia's past since the hints in the previous episodes were just subtle and minimal. (Or I think it's just me focusing only on Faldio. Hahaha.)

When I first watched this one, I am torn between Welkin and Faldio. The character of Welkin is very much unique for me. He is a very easy go lucky type of guy and when he was first introduced, his world is only limited to his interests and family. When he entered the militia, that was when he learned to recognize other things in the world especially the idea of being in love with someone. Of course, expanding his horizons and his views is a challenge for him since he was somehow shocked with how things happened. But luckily for him, his Squad members, his best friend and the person he loves is there for him to support him all the way.

Another factor why I watched this show is because Maximillian sounds like Zero. Well of course, he is also voiced by Jun Fukuyama and being a Code Geass lover, I would not let this opportunity pass. I did the right choice since Maximillian and Lelouch got similarities in their character. So it was like watching Lelouch all over again. I find it cute that a relationship between the two of them was made. I made my watching experience more entertaining.

Overall, this anime is worth the watch. I haven't really played the game but for me this is great. Even though the animation is not as superb as Tears to Tiara, Valkyria Chronicles still pulled it off pretty well in a span of 26 episodes.

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