Saturday, October 31, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 466

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Chapter 466: Battle Behind Closed Doors

~ This is action packed. Promise! I thought Sasuke would be dead~

  • Sasuke is already worn out because of his fight with Raikage.
  • Mizukage used her Youton Yokai no Jutsu and Sasuke used Susanoo to block it but he took a blow from Hiramekare. leaving Sasuke and Mizukage alone in a room.
  • In the room, Mizukage uses acid mist to stop Sasuke. The super exhausted Sasuke already lacks chakra to fully defend himself.
  • But, Zetsu appears and uses his Houshi no Jutsu and wraps the Mizukage and everyone else. Their chakras are all eaten away and Sasuke regained his chakra through this. He uses Susanoo to blast the room and manages to finally get out.
  • But Tsuchikage decides to do things on his own and attacks Sasuke. He uses Jinton Genkaihakuri no Jutsu. Gaara and the Raikage returns. All thought the Sasuke is dead......
  • But Madara appears, with Sasuke on his shoulders he said that he will explain something about his purpose, the Eye of the Moon Plan.

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