Saturday, October 31, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 467-469

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Chapter 467: Declaration of War

Chapter 468: Hachibi and Kyuubi
Chapter 469: Sakura's Confession

~ I can't help it. Each chapter gets better and better.~

Chapter 467:
This just explains Akatsuki's real plans, well Madara's plans. As I quote from Narutopedia:

Uchiha have a secret inscription that must be read in order of the Sharingan, the Mangekyo Sharingan, and finally the Rinnegan. The inscription told of how the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the original Tailed beast, the Ten-Tailed Beast, sealing the beast into himself becoming the first jinchūriki, and upon his deathbed divided the Ten-Tails power into nine separate beasts, and sealed it's body into the moon. Madara's plan is to use their collective power to combine once again make the Ten-Tails whole and make himself its jinchūriki. With it's power he would cast an "infinite" Tsukuyomi, on the world, uniting the world in a permanent genjutsu.

After revealing his plan, he orders the remaining Kage to give him Naruto and Killer Bee or there would be unavoidable war, a war in which he would use the tailed beasts he already has. When they refuse, Madara declares the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. He then teleports after saying the next time they meet will be on the battlefield.

Chapter 468:

To address the newly started war, a shinobi alliance was formed and they chose Raikage as the leader. The samurai clan would also be participating in the upcoming war. Since Danzou fled, Gaara took the liberty of sharing the information to a more reliable person from Konoha, Hatake Kakashi.

They also discussed on how they will treat Killer Bee and Naruto since both of them are people who would always act on their own. Tsuchikage wants to put the two Jinchuuriki on the front line since Madara would use the power of the seven beasts in the war. But Gaara and Raikage are all against this. With this, they all decided that they would do their best to protect the two remaining bijuus from Akatsuki's grasp.

But...Killer Bee has now been spotted by Kisame and a fight would soon begin.

Chapter 469:

The most weird thing in this chapter is that Sakura confessed her love to Naruto 0_0. But of course, Naruto didn't believe at once since he knows that Sakura is just lying and is only doing that to stop him from pursuing Sasuke further. The chapter ended with Naruto saying that the people he hates the most are those who lie to themselves.

Meanwhile, Killer Bee and Kisame's fight began and they are assisted by Ponta-chan!

The scene changes to Danzou and to his bodyguards as they spot Zetsu's spare bodies. He also sent out Fuu to hunt down Ao because he wants his Byakugan.


  1. Lol Instead of Sakura convincing Naruto to abandon Sasuke, Naruto is going to re-convince Sakura to obsess over Sasuke.

  2. i know right? but for me, its pretty obvious that sakura is lying.