Thursday, October 8, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 25-26

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Episode 25: Things to Protect
Episode 26: Decisive Battle [END]


Episode 25:

If you wanna know the similarity of Maximillian and Zero aside from their voice, then this episode would give you an answer.


Anyway, Squad 7 decided to go and help out Alicia. They charge in and had a lot of casualties but Welkin did his best to rally the group. What more is that Maximillian has installed in his Marmota the lance used by the previous Valkyur to defeat the Darcsen. He tests the power at a nearby mountain and it was completely obliterated.

Now this where the Lelouch similarity thing is shown.


Inside Marmota, Jaeger starts to waver his support to Maximillian's objectives and motives. He realizes that what Maximillian wanted all this time is revenge because he lost his mother in a train explosion. He wants to get back to his father and brother by being someone greater than an emperor and that it is by being a Valkyrian King.


Enough of the flashback as Maximillian orders to fire the weapon and this time not to test it but to destroy the castle. But as it was about to fire, Alicia appears who temporarily stopped the weapon from activatating. Alicia is already worn out and exhausted and so she is having a hard time to face the Marmota. When Maximillian ordered to fire the lance again, Alicia was able to dodge but this took the last of her strength. She faints soon after and Maximillian orders to capture her.


Seeing this act by Maximillian, Jaeger again questions his intentions but Maximillian just warned him that he would not let anyone stand on his way. Jaeger decides to walk away since he cannot support Maximillian anymore. Maximillian, refusing to let him go shoots him.


Outside, Welkin hurries to try and save Alicia. He is not paying attention to his surroundings. He is about to be sniped but was saved by Faldio who came to the rescue.

Still, Faldio is a hero and acting a knight in shining armor. I so love him!!!

And oh, you see the similarity of Lelouch??? They both despised their own families because they lost their mothers and so they both aspire for the throne and power. They are also supported by witches: C.C and Selvaria, the Azure witch. See? It's like Lelouch was just transferred in a new anime and this time he assumed the role of Maximillian.

*still geassed by Lelouch*

Episode 26:


Welkin was backed up by the whole Squad 7 as they infiltrate Marmota so that they can save Alica. They split up and Welkin went ahead to save Alicia. Welkin faces a lot of guards but again, Faldio came to the rescue. Together they move inwards the battleship.


Alicia gets to be infront of Maximillian who claims to have saved her. He talks Alicia to join him and she could get anything that she wants. Alicia gets confuses as to why Selvaria followed and supported him. Maximillian coldly believes that it was Alicia who killed her and pushed her to explode herself. Alicia protects Selvaria saying that she just wants to be herself but Maximillian sees this as foolish. Alicia turns this statement against him by stating that he is afraid of his worthlessness.


White on the run, Faldio got injured. (Oh no!) And since he would only cause a burden to Welkin he let Welkin went ahead. Faldio pulled out a grenade then suicidally rushed through the guards. Welkin moves forwards and makes it to the top of the ship where Alicia and Maximillian are waiting. Maximillian has an artificial Valkyria system. He has his own Valkyrian lance and shield and challenges Alicia to a match. Without her lance and shield, Alicia can only dive out of the way, and Welkin tries to protect her by distracting Maximilian. Welkin gets thrown back by a blast though, and Alicia’s Valkyria powers activate when she sees him get hurt.


In the midst of the trouble, Welkin managed to tell Alicia that everyone is there to save her and asked her to go back to Bruhl with him. Maximillian attacks again and Alicia is about to be hit but all thanks to Welkin who jumped hin to save her. Surprisingly, Maximillian's system bugged down since the power is too much for him to handle. Alicia grabbed him and fed him more Valkyrian powers and this hurts Maximillian even more. He eventually falls in an elevator shaft.


Explosions happened left and right and while chaos is happening, her Valkyrian powers rises, similar to what happened to Selvaria before she sacrificed herself. She said to Welkin to save himself because he might also die but Welkin jumped in flames of fire to hug her. He finally declares his love for her as he said that he is always by her side. This statement was sealed by a romantic kiss. The kiss mysteriously stops whatever is happening to Alicia and she turns back to normal. The couple survives the explosion and made their way out to Marmota.


The war ended and a truce was signed. Cordelia revealed her Darcsen identity. Most members of Squad 7 return to their normal lives except for Largo who chose to stay with his love, Varrot. And as for Alicia and Welkin, they both went back to Bruhl to continue living their lives together.


  1. Oh noooooooo!!! I cant belive he died! I am so depressed now! ;_; I hate this show! No actually I dont becuse I still like it but Faldio should have lived!
    I did like the scene with Alicia and Welkin tho. It was kind of romantic. ^_^

    Well it was a pretty good anime I think. What do you think now that you have seen all the episodes?

    Once again, I have really enjoyed reading your reviews about it. :) You write good!

  2. Faldio died, and funny/sadly enough nobody gave a damn. Bunch of heartless bastards.

    The anime wasn't boring, but it was unintentionally funny some of the time and that's probably not a good thing...

  3. @MissMagicGirl..

    i know right? i feel so sad after what he did. but i have been previously spoiled that he will die but still, waaahhh!!

    thanks for following through my post! thanks thanks!!

    yeah. no one remembered him in the epilogue. they do not give credit to the contributions of Faldio. he has helped them so give him due credits :(

    i hven't played the game and but i think the anime went well :)