Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: The Enemies of the Purebloods

~ Yuuki and Yori finally met and finally talk after a year~
  • I got to say that Yuuki really looks beautiful in her dress and her hair style really suits her. She is a perfect partner for Kaname-sama.
  • This party like an introductory party for Yuuki. The other vampires had the chance to meet Kaname's younger sister.
  • Kaname warned Yuuki on how to deal with the other lowly vampires. Kaname explains that in reality, these vampires are their enemies since for them, purebloods are their best prey. The reason that they submit to purebloods is because purebloods can control them. But if there is an opportunity for them, then these low level vampires will surely bring them harm.
  • Yuuki was able to identify the scent of Yori in the crowds. Kaname is so good and so sweet that he instructed Aidou to arrange an exclusive one hour moment where Yuuki and Yori could meet and talk with one another.
  • While Yuuki is away, Kaname will talk to Sara, another pureblood. It was commented in the chapter that Sara has interest at Kaname and so Kaname didn't want Yuuki to feel jealous with this.
  • Zero and Yuuki are also able to meet but as expected, there's tension between the two of them.
  • The chapter ended when Yuuki and Yori are talking.

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